Saturday, November 21, 2015

November 19 & 20, 2015

A LONG Dental Visit
November 19 & 20, 2015

This old, dead tree is across the street from our office.  
These birds gathered in it during the afternoon rains on Friday.

The dentist's office had given me an appointment for Thursday when I was there a couple of weeks earlier.  Then they called and rescheduled it for next week.  Late Wednesday they called to reschedule it for the original date, but later in the afternoon.  I had a 3:30 appointment to remove the temporary crowns and replace them with the new permanent crowns.  I left the dentist's office at 6:05 exhausted, drained, and frustrated.  I left with temporary crowns again.

The new crowns had been made wrong and after taking the temporary ones off and trying the new ones, it was decided that they would have to be remade.  That meant also that new temporary ones had to be made.  Then they had to do a LOT of work on the new temporary ones to get them to fit right.  I have major concerns about the new permanent ones being correct.  Oh, well.  I will find out in early December.

The rest of my Thursday at my office was a little busy.  Ron was out a couple of times.  I had not brought a lunch and Ron picked up lunch for me on his way back to the office after a job in Port Isabel.  We were to meet our friends the Lawlers for supper at 5:30 at Jason's Deli.  I expected to be finished at the dentist in plenty of time.  I had thought I would not be ready to eat anything but soup and I love the broccoli soup at Jason's Deli.  The others ordered and ate while waiting for me.  My mouth was somewhat deadened, so I was not really up to talking too much along with the wear and tear on my nerves following the dentist appointment.
The side street by the office was covered from the 20% chance of rain Friday.  
I am so glad it was not a 50% rain!

Friday, Ron was out of the office much of the day, mostly in the morning and early afternoon.  It was a gray, rainy day, all day.  A friend said we had about 1.21 inches of rain Friday.  Ron had a job at closing time, but did not expect it to take too long, so I closed, went to the bank and then again to Jason's Deli for supper.  My sister had flown in the previous day to stay with Mom a few days.

Mom's care giver has gone to care for her own mom for a few weeks and that means Mom is without that very loving help.  She does have my brother-in-law, Jim, there for a while.

My friend Dolores had finished machine quilting the quilt that I gave her on Tuesday night, so she brought it by the office Friday afternoon.  Now I just need to bind it.

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