Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November 17 & 18, 2015

Two Days of Catching Up
November 17 & 18, 2015

It was easy to tell exactly where the edge of the cool front was.
Tuesday morning, Ron and I were both slow getting up after the trip to Houston.  I got to the office about 10:00 and spent the morning working on some bills and mail.  I did not get the checks for the bills written, but got the bill folder cleaned out.  I helped a little with customers, but my voice was still very weak.

After I ate my lunch, I left for an appointment with the gastroenterologist.  A cool front arrived while I was in the office.  Just stepping out the door to a cool wind was a treat.  At the doctor's office, I had a little longer wait than usual.  He said all was well and to come back in 6 months.  We talked about the acid reflux and I told him I did not want to be on medication the rest of my life, but also want to be able to eat some of the things that are not currently allowed on his diet to heal the stomach.  We had a good visit which also included a discussion on favorite vacation spots.  He and his wife agree with Ron and me: Yellowstone National Park. 
This is where the doctor's office is located.
Ron had said I did not need to come back to the office after my appointment since I had quilting at our house Tuesday evening, but I made a stop at Kohl's to do a little shopping and then came home.  Rain had been predicted with the cool front, but it did not happen.  I had not watered the plants in the yard before going to work, expecting rain, so I had to do it when I got home.

I ate supper and got the sewing room ready for the quilt group and then worked on getting the backing pieced for the Christmas quilt I have been working on .  Only two of the ladies were able to come for our quilting time together.  A couple were not feeling well and one was being a nurse for a couple of people at her house.  The two that came worked on their projects while I finished piecing the backing so one of the ladies could take the quilt top, backing, and batting home with her and she hopes to quilt it for me on the machine on Thursday.  We had a good visit and a good prayer time as we ended our evening.

After the group left, I felt so good as I looked at the blank, empty design wall and knew I had finished another "UFO"  UnFinished Object.  My sewing room cabinets overflow with UFOs.  Of course, since that quilt is done, (still have to do the binding after my friend quilts it), this morning I laid out 3 small projects on my desk at work.  They are a set I bought at the quilt festival last month.

This morning (Wednesday) I again got to the office about 10:00.  Ron was loading his vehicle for a job in Los Fresnos.  Once he got everything loaded he left and did not get back to the office all day.  I stayed busy with customers, and refilled some key hooks.  I worked on the new quilt project and may actually put one together this week.

I spent much of the afternoon trying to get a deposit ready to take to the bank, but ended up locking the doors a little after closing time and finishing the deposit at that time.  After closing up and locking up everything, I took the deposit to the bank and then headed home.  I was more tired than I thought.  I fixed supper and after I ate, fell asleep in the recliner.  When I awoke a little later, I cleaned the kitchen and got ready for bed.  It has been a long week and it is only Wednesday!

My voice is still not as well as it should be.  By the end of the day at the office, I was losing it again.  Our youngest son called after I got home and while we visited on the phone, he said he was having trouble hearing me.  I am sure that was true.  My voice was about gone after my day at the office.  It was good to hear from him.

I had a couple of good talks with customers today.  The hearing was fine, but this evening I had that loud noise in my head that I did often after the Cochlear surgery.  Hope it will be gone by morning.
This was at 3:00 in the afternoon yesterday as the cool front arrived.

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