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November 28, 2015

Youngest Granddaughter's Birthday
November 28, 2015

Ready to decorate the tree 
After staying up with two of our granddaughters until the wee hours of the morning, I expected them to sleep late on a rainy Saturday morning.  Silly me!  I woke up about 7:00 and read in bed until my husband let me know the girls were awake at about 8:00.  He ventured out in the rain for donuts and milk.  He had already been out in the rain for Christmas tree lights to replace a non-working strand on the Christmas tree in the sewing room. 
This is a chain from satin ribbons that come on some 
of the fabric I purchase from one particular vendor.
We had a yummy breakfast and the girls were ready to return to the sewing machines.  They continued making Christmas tree ornaments.  The oldest of Jeff's girls usually is less interested in the sewing than her next youngest sister, but this time it was the opposite.  They each made several ornaments and had fun experimenting.
 Tree decorating in progress
During the morning the girls decorated the sewing room Christmas tree and worked on getting all the ornaments they had made, placed on the tree until time for them to go home.  They took their ornaments home with them and I think I need to make a few to add to the tree.  The ones they made really looked nice on the tree.
Good helper
We took a break for a lunch of turkey, apple salad, and peaches.  They again passed on the dressing and forgot about the pie in their eagerness to return to sewing. 
This ornament says, "merry Christmas 2015"

The younger of the two and I made a birthday cake for their dad whose birthday was the previous day.  Saturday was their youngest sister's birthday and their mom was making cake balls and cupcakes for that event.  The birthday party had been canceled due to some illnesses.
Where to put the ornaments...
After the cake came out of the oven, I took a short nap on the couch while the sewing continued.  Then I got up and frosted the angel food cake. 
Our son Jeff who had a birthday Friday and 
his daughter who had a birthday Saturday
About 5:45, we left to take the girls back home and had a very cold, misty drive up the valley.  When we arrived, our daughter-in-law had just returned with bags of Chick-fil-A for supper and we all enjoyed the meal before time to have cake and open gifts.
The entry area at our son's home

Our granddaughter was delighted that she got what she wanted, a pink toy rifle.  Actually it is a toy shotgun, but she was delighted and her brothers were jealous since hers was longer than theirs.
Big brother comparing sizes

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