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November 1, 2015

Our Son's Family's New Church
And Taking Family Photos
November 1, 2015

Trying to find just the right spot for the family photo
Sunday was another beautiful day and it was nice to get an extra hour of sleep.  We all got up and dressed for church and then had breakfast together before going to Sunday School and worship service with our son and his family to the church they just recently joined.  They had visited several in the area and selected Maranantha Baptist Church.  They were very impressed with the youth program and all of the children's activities.  The church is a nice size, a little smaller than ours, and filled with some great people, eager to study God's Word.
The children are growing up way too fast!
The adult Sunday School class was taught by the youth minister and was an in-depth lesson on doctrine.  We liked the man and his lesson.  I had trouble understanding him because he spoke very fast.  The pastor brought an excellent message.  He and the music minister as well as the youth pastor, all took time to talk with us after the service.  We enjoyed our visit there, especially using the hymnals for all of the music in the service.  I missed the radio system our church has for the hearing impaired.  They do have a similar system for translation to Spanish, so should be able to add the other with very little effort.
The "baby" of the family is no longer a baby.
From there, we all went out to lunch at Five Guy's Burgers and had a delicious meal.  We had talked about eating outside, but it was a little too warm for me. Although it was noisy inside, it was also noisy outside with a lot of traffic.  The kids had a good time and it was so good to spend time with all of them.
Our son
Back at the house we visited and then I took photos of the whole family.  I have included a couple in this blog.  We tried several locations and arrangements.  Just getting 9 people with their eyes open, smiles on, and not looking goofy, is a challenge.
You can't really tell it in this size photo, but the oldest granddaughter has her
 eyes crossed, and the "ham" of the bunch on the front row is up to his usual antics.

We got home about 5:30 and unloaded the car.  I began to feel bad on the way home, like I was coming down with a cold.  I slept part of the way home.  At home we unloaded the car and put a few tings put away.  It was a good, exhausting trip.
Sometimes, it worked

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