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November 27, 2015

FUN With Two of Our Granddaughters
November 27, 2015

A fabric Christmas ornament I made last night
 for the Christmas tree in the sewing room

This morning I went in to the office a little late.  Ron had a job scheduled for right after lunch, so I did not arrive until a little after noon.  It was very slow at the office since people who had money to spend were at the malls for Black Friday Sales.
Another ornament I made; the rest 
of the ornaments were made by the girls
We closed a little early to drive to Harlingen about 30 miles away to meet our son and his family to pick up his oldest two girls to come spend the night.  It was our son's birthday so it was good to be able to wish him a happy birthday in person.  He and his wife were not feeling well so we did not visit for long. 

When we got home with the girls, I fixed leftovers for supper.  The girls were delighted to have turkey and sweet potatoes.  I added corn to the choices.  We had dressing and rolls and apple salad.  It was just as good the second time around.

As soon as we cleared the table after supper, we headed to the sewing machines.  I had made some Christmas ornaments from fabric the previous evening so the girls tried their hands at making some.  They made several and had a great time doing so.

The oldest of the girls and I set up the sewing room Christmas tree, but could not do much more with it since one string of lights need to be replaced. 

 It was 2:30 before we turned the sewing machines off and I was able to get them down for the night.  We have had a great time. 
 The sewing room is a disaster.  

Digging for the Christmas fabrics took a while and the sewing table is buried, but I am so delighted that they love to sew and come with amazing ideas. 

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  1. Oh my! Will you ever find your sewing room again?! But such good memories.