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November 26, 2015

The Best Thanksgiving Day
In a Long Time
November 26, 2015

Our 18 pound turkey!
There is nothing I can put my finger on as to why this Thanksgiving was so good.  None of our kids were here with us, but I was just overwhelmed with how much we have to be thankful for this year.  Both my mom and Ron's mom were here and that is a lot to be thankful for.  They are both in pretty good health for being past 90.  By the end of the day I was totally exhausted, but it was all worth it. 
 My sister's beautiful centerpiece
The day started out drippy, but by late afternoon, but clouds were breaking up and the late afternoon was beautiful.  It had rained hard while we were on our way to Ron's mom's for lunch, but let up when we were carrying things into the house.
My grandmother's apple salad that was served at both lunch and supper.

Maybe one reason it was so good is that even though our kids were not with us, they were each having a good Thanksgiving where they were.  David and Diana are on a cruise celebrating their 11th anniversary.  They did that last year for their 10th and enjoyed it so much they quickly booked again for this year.  I know they are enjoying their time away from their busy schedules.

Bob and Vickey had a house filled with guests for Thanksgiving and that makes me happy and proud of them.  Several people from Bob's office were there as well as a neighbor with her children.  They love to have people into their home and share their joy with others.  They would love to be with family, but instead of sitting home alone, they fill the house with laughter and joy with special people in their lives.

Jeff and Barbara alwalys spend Thanksgiving with Barb's family.  That is fine, because I get them for Christmas every year.  That is a great arrangement for me.  I love that they work to include all of both families as often as they can.

Stephen and Kristina had plans to have their Thanksgiving feast with her family and again, that is fine.  They plan to be here for Christmas.  I know they have much to be thankful for this year and probably had a great celebration.  I shared texts with them yesterday, but have not had a report of their actual day yet.  Since Stephen works in retail, he needs to be at work today.  Thankfully Kristina has been off all week and that has been good for her.

We are delighted that almost all of the kids can be here at Christmas.  Bob and Vickey won't be able to come this year since they will be moving to a different house about that time.  They will be packing or moving during the Christmas holidays.  We are thankful we were able to visit them this fall.
My mom's three son-in-laws.  They have fun together.
Ron's mother is alone and doesn't like to leave her house, so I fixed Thanksgiving lunch to take to her house.  I made a mistake when I bought a turkey breast for that meal.  I ended up with a Butterball turkey breast Cajun Style!  I never knew they had more than one type and didn't look.  Ron's mother and Ron were delighted with my mistake!  They both love spicy.  His mother told me I could keep making that mistake.  I think God had a hand in that.  All of the food turned out just perfect.  It was probably the best Thanksgiving meal I have prepared in a long time. 

When we arrived at Ron's mom's house, she did not look good and said she just didn't feel good; she was very weak.  By the time she ate several helpings of everything, she had really perked up.  I left all the leftovers with her so she can have a few more servings of all that good stuff.  We had a very good visit and it was good to be with her.
The kitchen crew.  My sister Janet, Mom, and me.
Back at home, I finished the preparations for the turkey and dressing to take to my mom's house for supper.  My sister, Janet did the rest of the food and some beautiful decorating.  She is so creative!  We had another very delicious meal with a fun bunch.  Mom, my sister Janet and her husband Joe Bob were there and my brother-in-law Jim from Idaho was there.  Ron and I enjoyed their company to wrap up a great day.  Joe Bob carved the turkey, but he said it was difficult because it was so tender it kept falling apart.  It was great, as were all the other dishes. 
Joe Bob carving the turkey
Speaking of dishes, Ron washed the dishes at his mom's house, but I left the supper dishes for my sister and we headed home to relax.  I was able to talk to our daughter-in-law, Vickey, before I headed to an early bedtime.  Everyone at supper had talked to Bob except me since I didn't have my amplified phone at Mom's.  It was a great day!

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