Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

Slow Day at the Office
September 8, 2014

This morning I slept a little late again.  I sure am getting into that habit.  After taking care of the birds - filling ponds, birdbaths, and feeders, I spent a few minutes in the yard, but the mosquitoes are so very bad after the rain, that I didn't stay long.  When Ron had left for work, he came back to tell me that the bush out by the street that blooms with these beautiful white clusters of heavily scented flowers, was blooming again.  When I got in the back yard I could smell it.  I took my camera and got several photos.  It was full of bees, so I didn't stay too long. 

I fixed my lunch to take to work and left.  Part way to the office I remembered that I needed gas this morning for the car and a car wash so I stopped and took care of those things.  It is nice to have a clean car for a change - at least on the outside.  I need to clean the inside. 
Shortly after I got to the office, Ron left on a couple of jobs.  It was quiet while he was gone and I worked on some emails.  It was lunch time by the time he got back to the office.  There were a few customers in and out during the day, but it was pretty slow. 
On the way home from the office this afternoon, I stopped at Wal-Mart for bird seed.  We were just about out and Ron had not been by the Loop Farms lately to get any.  Migration has started for the birds so I did not want to be out of seed.  Hopefully he can get out the Loop's place this week and get me some.  The yard was filled with sparrows!  There had to be 150 of them.  It was the most I have seen at one time in our yard. 
The Canada Warblers seem to wait until the sun is setting before taking their baths on the waterfall and the light is too low to get good photos.  They are quick little birds.  The photo above is a female Canada Warbler and the photo below is a male.  There were several hopping around on the waterfall late in the afternoon.
The Canada Warblers are also in the trees and in the hibiscus bushes and before I have not been able to get photos of them in the trees but have gotten a few this year.  Below is how most of my photos of the Canada Warblers turned out this evening!  Like I said, they are quick.  Just a blur!

 Before going out in the yard I had started supper - meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  They were ready shortly after I came back in the house but Ron had gone to sleep, so I ate and left the rest for him. 
Our daughter-in-law, in New Mexico, called with a cooking question and then while she cooked their supper, I visited with Bob.  They are having car trouble and several friends have been so kind to pick him up for work and take him home.  The car should be ready this week.

Stephen had also had car trouble over the weekend, but was able to fix his problem himself with a $15 part.  Sadly, Bob's problem was bigger and much more expensive.  

Lately for phone calls with the kids, I have been using the amplified telephone.  I have to put it on speaker and then I have to stay in one place for the call, but it is working fairly well.

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