Friday, September 5, 2014

September 5, 2014

Friday Fun and Frustrations
September 5, 2014

All in all, it was a good day, but I must say it was a mixture of fun and frustrations.  The fun included our grandsons and the frustrations centered around a continuation of the credit card representative from yesterday.

It was a beautiful day when I carried some trash out this morning at the house for pickup.  The flowers at the top of this page were getting the morning sunshine and were filled with bees and butterflies.  After all our rain (there was another heavy rain overnight) it was hot and muggy so as soon as I took my camera outside, the lens fogged up and I had to wait a bit to take photos.  I filled the feeders and ponds while I waited for the camera to warm up after being the the air conditioned house overnight.
This plant had not bloomed all summer, but a week of rainy weather was just what it needed to sprout some blooms.

My daughter-in-law texted me to see if I could pick our oldest grandson up for him to spend the day at the office with us.  It is always great to have him there, so I picked up donuts for us on my way to get him. 
It is always fun to spend the day with this guy.  He really had to help a lot today.  That is where the frustrations came in.  At the office we had decided to change to a different company to handle the credit card charges that we accept from our customers.  The man who had come to share the information with us yesterday came back today at 11:00 to answer a few more questions and then to process our application for the change over from our previous provider.  About the time he arrived, we got very busy, so our grandson did all he could to help us while we were swamped.  He does this out of love and kindness for us.

The credit card man had trouble with his laptop which he needed to sign us up and finally had to switch to his iPad to do the job.  It was very slow going from there on.  In trying to keep things moving, he thought he would fill in some of the information without interrupting us.  BAD idea.  The majority of his guesses for filling in that information were wrong and involved hours of correcting later in the day.  To make a very long story a little shorter, he finished about 5:00 in the afternoon.  It was only finished because I showed him how to fill out his form.  He encountered one problem after another and spent hours on the phone with his boss.  His phone and iPad batteries had to be about dead by the time he left.

The plans for lunch were that I would pickup pizza as a treat for our grandson.  At noon, I decided to wait until we were finished with the credit card man, but at 2:00 I left to pick up the pizza anyway.  We tried a new style which we liked, but 2 hours late, cardboard might have tasted good.

Another grandson arrived mid-afternoon from helping his other grandmother.  He had a school book to read and spent the afternoon quietly reading where ever he could find a spot since credit card man was sitting in his favorite reading chair.  We stayed busier today than on a normal Friday and got some things done, but none of the things on my planned list.
Three of my favorite guys!

The grandson in the blue shirt turned 16 this past Spring 
and the one in the red will be 15 in a couple of days.  It is birthday time again!

At the end of the work day, our daughter-in-law came to pick the boys up and had the youngest grandchild with her.  She is a cutie and we visited a few minutes before meeting friends for supper.
Supper with friends was just what I needed to relax after the stressful day with credit card man.  He was a nice man, just not trained enough in how to correct errors that he created on the application after he had filled in blanks without asking questions.  I think he learned a lot today.  One thing he learned is that I read the fine print before I sign anything!

By the time we got home about 7:30, I read for about 15 minutes before falling asleep in my recliner until midnight.  Now I may have trouble getting back to sleep for a few hours before the housekeeper comes in the morning.  As far as the hearing today, it went fairly well, even when the office was packed this morning with customers several times.  There was little time for just general "chit chat" with my grandson as we usually do on Fridays.  We chatted some while eating our lunch and as usual I had to asked for some things to be repeated but not too much.  There was no time for sewing or printing out note cards, as I had planned, but God had a few special treats in store for me today - praying for a new friend, sharing laughs with our daughter-in-law when she picked up the boys, and napping away the evening.  Now, I just need to figure out the decorations for the birthday cake for our grandson for Sunday! 

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