Saturday, November 9, 2013

November 9, 2013

Sunny Saturday
November 9, 2013

Two months ago today, I had my second elbow surgery.  I continue to make progress, but it is slower than I want.  I must stop and think about the progress.  Today for example, I carried a large cup of tea to the sewing room in my left hand.   Even 10 days ago, that was a painful, if not an impossible  chore.  I have typed more with the left hand today than on other attempts.  There is progress.  A tiny area of infection has developed in the scar on the arm.  It looks like an internal stitch may be trying to work out.  Ron called the doctor's office yesterday after I showed him the spot, and I have an appointment early next week and they told me what to do in the meantime. 

It was beautiful outside today.  I spent time in the yard this morning doing some work.  Most of the hibiscus plants are in full bloom.  I really enjoyed being in the yard and needed some outdoor time.  But three nose bleeds later this morning had me spending the rest of the day less active.  I think the problem is a mixture of low humidity, allergy medications, and pain medications.  I did go get my hair cut, but the rest of the day pretty much has been spent in the sewing room. 
There have been almost no birds in the yard this week since I was out of food for them.  Ron got some today and a few returned.  The free-loader ducks showed up quickly.  There were a few doves, a Great Kiskadee, and a Green Jay or two.
I started washing the fabric I bought in Houston and have done some sewing.  It is time to get going on Christmas projects!  I have been playing with a new pattern I bought in Houston.  This is the pattern I mentioned a couple of days ago that is "not as advertised".  I have had to do a lot of adjusting and experimenting to get it right, but I know I will like the results.  It is kind of a "crazy quilt" variation. 
Never made it to the grocery store, but made a big pot of broccoli soup for lunch.  It has been nice to watch the Aggies play a great game of football and to watch some Christmas movies. 

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