Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

Veterans Day 
November 11, 2013

America is such a blessed nation.  Over the years our veterans have served our country to protect the freedoms upon which the country was founded.  My dad served our country during WWII in Alaska, and his dad (my grandfather) served in France in WWI as an ambulance driver.  It seemed that many of my grandfather's stories were of repairing the ambulance to keep it running to be able to transport the wounded.
Here is my dad, home on leave, with his infant son, my brother. 

Well, back to the intent of this blog - my Cochlear Implant.  As I have explained previously, there is a coil with a small magnet that is attached to a cable that leads to my sound processor which is worn behind my ear.  That small magnet is held in place on my scalp by being attracted to a piece of metal under the skin where the wire goes into my cochlea.  I think I need to keep a list of the times that little magnet decides to take a leap off my head and onto a nearby metal object.  You may recall, recently in Houston, I had two such episodes: one where it attached to the ribs on my umbrella and once to a huge metal column.  This morning as I was putting a case of soft drinks into the refrigerator at the office, it attached to the freezer door of the refrigerator.  It is easy to pull the magnet free, but it also tends to pull the sound processor off my head and I don't want to drop or damage that!  I was just left temporarily stuck in an awkward position as both hands were full.  You just have to laugh!
It was a slow day at the office since it was a legal holiday.  Most of our customers are banks and government offices, and they were all closed for Veterans Day.  I worked on clearing a stack of papers that was growing on my desk and made good progress.  Since little was going on I decided to come home and work on some projects here.  I spent the late afternoon and evening working in the sewing room.  I unpacked the pieces from one of the quilt classes I took in Houston recently, and put them on the design wall.  The class was all about design - making small segments and then moving them around on the design wall to see what you can come up with.  I also washed most of the fabrics I bought and ironed them.  Now they are ready to use when I am ready to start a new project.  
This is the project started in one of the quilt classes.  I will play with it and make lots more segments before I decide on a design.  Maybe I will let everyone play with it at Christmas. 
Keeping order in my sewing room is an ongoing battle.  I have three projects on the big design wall (6'x6') at the moment and one on the small wall (3'x3').  One on the big wall may be ready to sew together by the end of the week.
I have an appointment tomorrow morning with the orthopedic surgeon so he can check on the small spot of infection that developed recently. 

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