Saturday, November 30, 2013

November 30, 2013

Saturday in the Sewing Room
November 30, 2013

This has been a nice day.  I have not left the house except to walk out to the mailbox this afternoon.  I have spent most of the day in the sewing room.  This evening I helped a little as Ron set up the Christmas tree, I did a little cleaning this morning, and I have warmed a few left overs for lunch and supper, but that is about all that I have done.  Of course the Christmas movies were on all day while I worked.

The last few weeks I have done better understanding the dialog on the television.  I can follow a movie pretty well.  I do continue to depend on the closed captions and have considered turning them off, but as I said, I depend on them. 

Finally, the music in my head is beginning to include some Christmas carols.  Not all of the music is Christmas, but at least some of it is.  I do love Christmas music and will be curious to see if I can pick out the melody when we start singing them at church. 

An interesting thing happened on my blog last night - there were nearly 300 page views over night.  Usually over night there will be about 40 or 50.  The count of page views on the blog is now over 16,000.  Some new countries have been added in the last few days bringing the total to 63 countries with Jamaica, Sri Lanka, and Moldova being the most recent additions.  Sometimes there will only be one viewing from a country, or maybe 2 or 5, but recently there have been several hundred views from Malaysia.  I find that very interesting and it makes me curious.  I have always been fascinated by statistics - in case you can't tell.

Tonight, I am beginning to decorate the Christmas tree.  Normally I would put some Christmas carols on to listen to as I decorate, but this year, I think I will skip that.  My husband is watching the Texas A&M football game in by the tree.  Oops, he just said they lost.  This is just the beginning of the decorating.  I will keep you updated.
My arm has done well today.  I gave it a workout at the sewing machine this morning, working on a heavy piece.  But I got a lot accomplished and am feeling good. 

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