Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

Foggy Start to the Day
November 18, 2013

There was a beautiful, light fog this morning.  If a fog is too thick, it becomes worrisome for those who must be driving, but today's fog was just lovely, not hazardous.  For some reason my husband was up and ready for work earlier than usual.  That usually means he misread the clock.  After he left for work, I took care of things in the yard, cleaned out four kitchen drawers and put new liners in them, and then had breakfast.  I was on track to also get to the office earlier than usual when I had another of those nose bleeds.  So I texted Ron that I was going to wait a while before coming in.  I did some checking on line and it seems if you have nose bleeds, that means you will continue to have them.  I do have an appointment for blood work Thursday (been scheduled for months) so I will be sure all is well.
Can you tell that I love these beautiful orange hibiscus plants I got in Houston a few months ago?  I have two and they are not exactly the same.  They are very small, but blooming up a storm!

After I got to the office, I accomplished very little.  Well, I did make a good sale and was starting on another when Ron returned from a job, so I gave it to him to finish.  We had more customers today wanting to buy more than one or two duplicate keys, so that was nice.  I did a little bookkeeping and then wrote a long letter to a friend.  I had promised it to her weeks ago and just got around to it.

My arm continues to get better although the wrist is sore today - probably just from using it more.  I am able to do so much more than I had been.  Typing is not as difficult as it was!

I did try a few of the Cochlear Implant listening exercises on my computer at work today.  It was not long before I gave up.  I was trying to do some with tones and was getting frustrated.  Tomorrow I will try to do some with the vowel and consonant sounds.  I have not spent much time on them lately.  I did fine hearing customers today, but mostly they were asking me if I spoke Spanish.

A cold front was arriving as I left the office.  Well, cool, not cold.  The wind shifted to coming from the north.  The clouds were so beautiful, I stopped right after pulling out from my parking spot and took a few photos.
God is interested in all aspects of our lives and of the world around us.  I look at the beauty of the ever-changing sky, or the flowers, and the birds, and wonder how anyone can be unaware that it has all been created by our awesome God.  I have always known that God was amazing, but it was when I started taking flower photos, that I really began to appreciate the detail in God's designs.  I sometimes say that God could have said, "I think I will make a flower."  And He could have made it like I draw them - a red blob on the top of a green stem.  But the detail is amazing.  Look at the detail in this hibiscus photo.  The intensity of the color maybe too much to allow the detail to come through in the size files the blog allows, but it is amazing.

After work I picked up some milk and came home and fixed supper.  I had hoped to sew, but I think I am too tired for that today. 

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