Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 10, 2013

A Very Nice Sunday
November 1, 2013

We went  to Sunday School and worship service this morning.  Years ago they changed the name of "Sunday School" to Sunday Bible Study, but some of us old folks can't remember to use the name change - it was only about 15 or 20 years ago that they did it.  Most of our class members were there.  I think maybe all but 4 were there and of those, one had to work and two had health problems.  We had 3 visitors.  Our group are very faithful and it is rare that we don't know why someone is not there.

One of my young grand sons sat with me in church.  He is rather quiet (except when he gets to making sound effects for the little toys he is playing with).  It is always a joy to sit with the grand children in church.  The pastor brought a very good message today encouraging us to each tell someone about Jesus this week. 

Ron and I picked up lunch and went to his mother's house to eat with her.  His mom is sore from the surgery on her arm a few days ago and some other aches and pains, but when she talks about the things she loves to do - craft items - she lights up like a Christmas tree.  She loves to make things for her family and friends.  We always have fun visiting.  I told her we were going to the grocery store and asked if she needed anything.  The lady who takes care of her a few hours every day does most of her shopping, but she had one item she wanted.  Ron was going to have to go back over there later in the afternoon anyway, so I told her WE would get it.

We got home and Ron promptly fell asleep.  So I (not WE) went to the store.  I very rarely shop on Sundays, and I told Ron this evening if I ever say I am going to do it again, he is to "whack" me over the head!  It was packed!  I got just what was on my list and came home.  I had it all put away and some chicken breasts simmering on the stove before Ron woke up.

My wrist and arm have hurt a lot today.  They are stronger, but sure are aching.  I spent the late afternoon and evening cutting out a Christmas sewing project.  I have a little over half of it cut, but that is when my arm got so sore.  The rest of the cutting will have to wait for another day. 

Someone mentioned in a comment yesterday about my being able to hear on the television.  It is getting better with my Cochlear Implant.  I miss some, but get enough to keep up and what I have been watching recently are the Hallmark Christmas movies and I probably have them memorized.  I do keep the closed captioning turned on and rely on it often.

Oh, in church this morning, the music was a little better.  I could manage with the old hymn and one of the praise choruses we sang.  There were several songs that were new to me and I thought I might could pick out the melody, but wasn't sure, so didn't try to sing.  Maybe this week I will get out some Christmas CDs at the office and start playing them to see how I do on the familiar Christmas songs.

After I gave up on cutting fabric, I made chicken salad from the chicken breasts I had been simmering, but cutting the things to go in it just about did me in.  Ron had gone to a meeting or I would have had him finish for me.  Things that seem like they should be so easy, aren't.  The pain in cutting  - for example celery or an onion, come in the holding of the object with my weak left hand.  My mind says, "all you are doing is holding it - no problem".  My arm says, "OUCH!"

Our youngest son had called today and talked to his dad.  He is in his final semester in the seminary working on his Master's degree.  He had talked to a man at a nursing home about doing some ministry there - and when he showed up today the man announced that he was there to preach to them!  Stephen was not expecting that at all, but he had his Bible and a marker in a passage he had been studying and they got a sermon from that passage.  He said it went well.  God is good.  I told Stephen in a text message that God's Word is so ingrained in his heart and mind that when given the opportunity, it just comes out his mouth. 

It has been a good day.  

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