Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 21, 2013

Is It Friday Yet?  No?
Thursday,  November 21, 2013

For some reason it seems like this should be Friday.  I am not sure why but I am ready for a weekend.  Our friends who usually go to supper with us on Friday, switched to Wednesday night this week because the wife had something else she needed to do Friday evening.  Maybe that is where I got off track.  Tonight we went to supper with my mom, so that should have gotten me back on track, but it didn't. 

Yesterday evening I did a little sewing and this morning was able to complete the front of the second quilt project for Christmas.  Both are now ready to be tacked or quilted.  I think it will be one tacked and one quilted.  So glad I am this far along.  I am eager to see what I can get done this weekend.

The other major thing I did yesterday was to go buy the candy to go in the 250 gift bags that our Sunday School class prepares for the children in several of the poverty areas across the river in Mexico.  One lady in our class does ministry with the families and delivers the bags to the children.  We put candy, toys, crayons, apples, etc. in each bag.  We will assemble them Sunday afternoon after church.  I did bag the things in small portions so I could carry them.  My living room smells wonderful!  The smell of candy canes and bubble gum, etc.  Yummmm...  I also bought a birthday gift for our youngest grand daughter while I was out shopping.  She will be 2 years old soon.

Last night when we went to supper, I again had a lot of trouble hearing.  The sound processor really picks up mechanical noises very well - air conditioners, refrigerators, ice makers, and on and on.  When there is piped in music or television sounds, those just seem to make a low rumble.  Tonight I had Mom sit across from me.  The audiologist had suggested that arrangement and to set the remote control on "focus".  Since the "focus" setting on the old sound processor didn't work right, when I had tried it before, I saw no advantage.  Tonight it worked fairly well, but Mom's voice has gotten so weak, I still had trouble, but less than last night.  Next week I will try to remember to have my friend sit across from me and see if that helps.

I did talk to our oldest son on the phone last night for the first time in a while, but had some trouble hearing him.  I don't understand why the hearing seems to fluctuate.  One factor is probably the music in my head that is louder some days than others.  Oh, the music finally switched - I had been having the same song for over a week and I was delighted yesterday to hear The King is Coming.  It is one of my favorites anyway.  The last week had been To God Be the Glory which is a wonderful song, but I was ready for a change.  I am ready for Christmas carols.

Today, I spent the morning at the office and left about noon to go to San Benito to have a sonogram of my thyroid.  Several years ago a small nodule was found on one side of the thyroid, a biopsy was done and all was well.  But I get it checked every year and it was time for that.  After doing that with the sweetest little technician, who had never heard of Sudden Hearing Loss, and like everyone else, her first question was, "Why?  What happened?"  Next I went to Harlingen to have blood work done.  These things are always done a week or so before I see the doctor.  The lab technician who did the blood work is so good.  I told him I had many medical procedures done since the last time I had seen him a year ago, and not one was as good as he is.  I bruise so easily and he doesn't bruise me.  He found the vein that not one technician could find this past year.  He is good! 

While in Harlingen I went to the quilt shop and bought a couple of things I needed (and a couple I didn't).  Then I picked up my lunch on the way back about 3:00.  So when we went to supper with Mom, I just had a piece of cherry pie while she and Ron ate supper. 

Mom had sent me an email earlier in the day about a graveside service that will be Saturday afternoon here in town for a lady who died in Georgia - Sue Jones.  Sue Jones was one of my teachers at church as I was growing up.  She was such a sweet, gentle lady.  She was widowed very young but went on to raise some wonderful children - one of them was a best friend to one of my sisters.  Sue instilled in me a love for missions. 

This will be a busy weekend.  The other of my sisters is coming for a funeral for the mother of one of her friends.  My brother and his wife will be here Sunday afternoon and part of Monday to celebrate his birthday. I hope to get sewing done.  Ron hopes to work on a Christmas project. 

Thankfully, my arm continues to improve.  I forget about the weakness sometimes and that is good and bad.  It is great that I am not worrying about it all the time, but sometimes I start to pick something up or open something and remember I need to watch out.  Progress continues!

Do you hear my heart singing?  My daughter-in-law Barbara just sent me a photo of a miniature quilt that our oldest grand daughter made by hand today!  She did a great job and I am so proud of her.  Isn't it wonderful when our children or grandchildren love the things we do?  I am so pleased!  The miniature quilt is about 4"x6".  She had helped me decorate the sewing room Christmas tree last week and I have a couple of miniature quilts on it.

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