Friday, November 29, 2013

November 29, 2013

Battle With the Background Noise
November 29, 2013

Today has been a day when my head is filled with a lot of background noise.  I am starting at the end of the day, but the end was an example of the whole day.  When we got to the restaurant for supper this evening to meet our friends, we were the only customers in the place (I guess every one else was exhausted from shopping at Black Friday sales).  The owner and a waitress were there and I assume there was a cook in the kitchen.  Shortly after we got settled our friends arrived.  I had decided to try sitting across from my friend to see if using the "focus" setting would work better for us.  Almost immediately, the background noise began to really bug me.  It at times, drowned out the conversation.  I asked if there was background music and they said there was.  I could not distinguish any melody, all I heard was a low rumble of noise.  It is very irritating!

Our conversations at supper were good, and we had a fun time catching up on each other's week, but the noise really got to me a few times.  I can't figure out the solution.  I think a lot of the problem is the restaurant itself.  It is in an old house with low ceilings, tile floors, and wooden chairs that scrape across the floor.  In the dining area you can hear the icemaker, and things like that.  I will keep trying.

As for the rest of the day, I started by putting away things from yesterday's Thanksgiving celebration.  Ron did dishes for me yesterday but he doesn't put things away, or I would never find them again.  So I finished straightening the kitchen and the dining room.  The birds were glad to see me bring them their breakfast.  Ron had forgotten it was Friday and so I had to put the trash out.  Then I went to the office.

Much of my day at the office was spent on bookkeeping and straightening my desk.  I got a deposit prepared and closed out the end of the month partly.  I still need to send out statements Monday, but I got several things out of the way. 

Black Friday shopping does not appeal to me.  I have no desire to fight the crowds to save a few bucks on something I don't need.  I did place one order on line - well, actually three orders.  I prepared a couple of projects to have Shutterfly print for me and then I ordered a quilting tool that was on sale from a website.  I have to say, that website is very poorly designed.  I had so much trouble placing the order.  Maybe they were overloaded with shoppers, but I don't think that was the problem.

Ron was out on several jobs during the afternoon so I waited on the customers.  As often happens, one came in who knew about me losing my hearing and he wanted to know how I am adapting to the Cochlear Implant.  I told him that I am very happy with it in quiet settings, but in noisy ones it is a problem.  He said he is deaf in one ear and has the same trouble.

After we came home from supper, I started putting "Santa's Workshop" back in operation.  I worked on the two projects I have in progress and am trying to plan another quick one for a birthday gift before Christmas for our youngest grand daughter.  I made good progress on one of the projects tonight.

My arm that had the broken elbow has been aching today, and I am not sure why.  I see the doctor next week for my last follow up on the elbow surgery.  He had told me when I saw him a few weeks ago that I could cancel this appointment if I wanted to, but I told him I would wait until closer to time for the appointment to make that decision and I decided to keep the appointment. 

I am hoping Ron will get our Christmas tree up tomorrow.  He has the stand ready but the tree is stored at the office in the warehouse and he will have to go on a scavenger hunt tomorrow to locate it.  Maybe I will decorate a little around the house in the morning while my housekeeper is here.  There is so much to do.  I better get some sleep so I can get it all done tomorrow!

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