Friday, November 15, 2013

November 15, 2013

Happy Friday!
November 15, 2013

Somehow this has seemed like a long week.  Every morning when I wake up I try to figure out what day it is, hoping for a Friday.  Then my brain wakes up and it usually isn't Friday, but today it was!

I was up early and spent time in the yard after it got light outside.  The birds are back in full force.
Remember the photo of the tree hanging over the water?  I said the birds would love it.  Today when I chased the ducks out of the yard, they headed for the tree over the water so they wouldn't have to get wet while they waited for me to go back in the house.  The green budgie was back along with bunches of sparrows.  Here the sparrows are lining up waiting for a spot at the feeders.
The Great Egret was across the Resaca, reflecting beautifully in the still water in the calm early morning.
The Green Heron found a perch not far from the Great Egret, but far from my camera.  I guess he was a little camera shy this morning.
The flowers were opening and these hibiscus blooms were covered with water splatters from the birdbath.
I LOVE early mornings in the yard.  It is quiet, calm, and peaceful.  God created so many beautiful things for us to enjoy, and early morning is a good time to enjoy them!

As much I would have liked to stay home and enjoy the birds for a while, I had to get ready and go to work.  Grandson Isaac was there and as usual, we had some good talks.  He shared the next 3 chapters that he has written on a fiction piece.  I will read them this weekend while I have time to really concentrate on them.  He got a few chores done for me and we watched a couple of cute YouTube videos on my computer. 

During the day, Ron left a couple of times on jobs or errands.  The last time he left, I was swamped with customers from the time he walked out the door until he got back.  Friday afternoons are usually quiet at the office, but not today.  I worked on some of my photos and had planned to print out some note cards, but my printer was acting up, so I will try again next week.  I did a little bookkeeping and some cleaning, but it was not a real productive day.

My elbow and hand hurt some today - maybe I did too much typing last night, but it is not bad and I am so pleased to be able to do more with the arm now that it is mostly healed.

We met our usual Friday night dinner friends.  The restaurant was noisy tonight and I struggled to hear much of the time.  The sound processor just seemed to pick up every mechanical noise there was and those drowned out the conversations.

Speaking of conversations, I did have a nice conversation with a customer this afternoon.  The man with him had gone to the car to get some money to pay their bill and while we waited, I asked the customer if he had a fun weekend planned.  He told me he would be working tomorrow for half of the day, but Sunday was going to be a full day.  It turned out he lives in a small town at the other end of the valley from us.  He said in small towns everyone helps one another.  He told me there is a lady who had surgery and is in a financial bind as she has not been able to work for a while and that his church was doing a benefit fund-raiser to help her with the expenses.  They have sold 1,000 plates for a Bar-B-Q they will have Sunday.  What a blessing they will be to her as they help meet her needs.  It is conversations like that, that I love to be able to have now that I can hear again!  My Cochlear Implant has brought so much joy back into my life.  I enjoy hearing what strangers (and friends) are doing to show God's love to those around them.

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