Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 12, 2013

A Day Filled With Friends
November 12, 2013

Today was a very nice day, filled with lots of friends.  That makes for a wonderful day!  My day started with meeting a friend for breakfast.  We met at 7:30 and neither of us needed to be anywhere very early, so we knew we had time for a good long visit.  My friend had a commitment for 10:00, so I was going to take her to pick up her car from her husband.  As we got ready to leave Chick-fil-A, her husband called and told her a friend of ours had been admitted to the hospital and he asked if we could go see him and his wife before we came to get the car.  Of course!

My friend called and changed her 10:00 meeting until 11:00 and we went to the hospital which was very close to where we were, and found our friends.  This couple have been friends of mine for a very long time.  The wife and I grew up together and it really hurts to see her husband's health be so delicate.  This man has a very weak voice and I was so thankful for my improved hearing so that I could hear the things he was trying to tell me this morning. 

After we left this sweet couple, I took my friend to pick up her car and I went to my appointment at the orthopedic surgeon's office.  I showed him the place on my arm scar that I thought was infected.  He said I was correct, that it was an internal stitch trying to work out and that it would either dissolve or work out before long and to just let it do so.  He checked the extension and rotation on the arm and was pleased with continued progress.  He said it was not profound, but it was improving and to keep up the exercises.

At the office, it was almost time for lunch when I arrived.  We always have jokes about the employees who show up in time to go to lunch.  Well, since I don't get to leave for lunch, but rather to just eat it at my desk, Ron said if I would eat, then he would leave on some jobs.  I ate and he headed out, not finishing the jobs until close to closing time.  Once he was back, I came home to get ready for quilting.

One of the ladies in the quilt group is in a wheel chair and another has brought her for years.  The last few months that has been harder and harder, so both had missed several meetings.  Tonight the husband of the one who brings our friend, came and helped get the lady into the house in the wheel chair and then went to the car to wait for the 2 hours while we met.  I offered him a spot in the living room, but he said he used times like that for his quiet prayer time.  What great friends to have; a husband who will give up the evening to help, but who is also a prayer warrior.  What a precious couple they are. 

My mom and two of the other ladies came together.  One of them drives my mom and the other lady to the group.  Mom is trying not to drive much after dark and the other lady doesn't drive.  Wasn't this entire day a great example of the body of Christ working together to meet the needs of one another?  What an amazing group of friends I have!  One of our group was out tonight because her husband's health is not what it once was and she needed to be with him.  We missed her a lot, but we know she made the right choice by staying home to care for him. 

During our time together for quilting, I shared a lot of the things I had learned and seen at the quilt festival recently.  They are all friends with my friend Tiny who met me in Houston and they wanted an update on her health also.  Within the quilt group, the discussions also run along the same lines as what I have just covered - helping one another.  We all shared tips and suggestions to one another and those with questions or problems with their quilts, shared the problems and got advice.  We talked about how each of us have different strengths in the quilting.  One is an excellent hand quilter.  One is great with color and design.  One can solve the math problems in the quilt planning.  Each of us is different but we are all alike in our love of making quilts.  We help each other.  It was a great day! 


  1. A joy that Linda was able to hear and take part in the conversations!

    1. Yes, it was nice to be able to hear better in the group. Several are soft spoken!