Thursday, November 7, 2013

November 7, 2013

Slow Day
November 7, 2013

Last night I went to bed a little early, but still didn't get up when my alarm went off.  For a change, Ron was already up and I told him I would  not get to the office until 10:00 instead of my normal goal of 9:00.  I sewed a little on a project started in one of my classes in Houston.  It is coming along very nicely.  Here is the work in progress.  The black fabric is not yet sewn to the rest, just laid on it. 

Once I got to the office, I worked on sorting some things and doing a little cleaning outside.  Yesterday's flood left a lot of debris outside the building.  I did not by any means get it all, but I swept around the doors.  If my grandson is at the office tomorrow, I will try to remember to have him work on it some.

Ron's mother was having some more of a skin cancer removed today.  The doctor removed some of it a couple of weeks ago, but did not get it all, so had to do more today.  Ron spent a couple of hours with her at the doctor's office. 

After he got back, I left to run some errands and came home and sewed some when I finished.  Later I met Ron and my mom for supper.  We sat in a different area of the cafeteria than we usually do when we eat there, and I really had trouble hearing.  There are TV sets going all the time and it makes it so hard to hear conversations at the table.

The rest of the evening was spent sewing and talking to our daughter-in-law Vickey on the phone.  I am doing fairly well on the phone with the cable that goes from my cell phone to the sound processor.  I can tell Vickey is talking very slowly and loudly and I still have to have her repeat frequently, but we are making progress.  It takes a couple of minutes to take off the processor, get the cable, get the tiny screw driver to open the tiny door on the processor to plug in the cable, get everything plugged in, and then to put the processor and coil back on.  This is not a process to do to just answer a random phone call. 

Next I tried a new pattern that I bought at the quilt show in Houston, and I am not pleased with it.  It does not work at all like the demonstration did.  It may turn out fine, but it is not as shown either in the demo or in the printed pattern.  That really irritates me!  At the show they laid the 6 pattern pieces on a 10" square of fabric, completely covering the piece.  But the pattern pieces don't cover the 10" square of fabric.  Now I need to do some experimenting and I bought the pattern because it appeared to be quick and easy.  Oh, well.  I had tried to buy another pattern from the same people and they were out of them.  I am now glad!


  1. I love the optical illusion of the quilt blocks!

    1. Glad you like it. I enjoyed the class and had looked forward to learning how to do it.