Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November 5, 2013

New Sound Processor Arrives
November 5, 2013

When we saw audiologist last week she decided my Sound Processor needed to be replaced to my Cochlear Implant.  There seemed to be a couple of things that weren't working correctly.  So yesterday she emailed the order in along with how it should be programed and it arrived this morning!  Wow!

Ron was out on a job and I was busy with customers so I didn't get to open it until this afternoon, but quickly started using it.  I have not yet tried the T-coil function but everything else seems to be ok.  When it arrived it was set to the same settings as my old one.  The only thing I needed to do was to tell the remote control to connect to it.  The audiologist had told us on our first visit with her, how I was to do that.  My instruction book was at home, so I went on line and found the information I needed.  It was really simple.  All I had to do was lay the coil along the back of the remote in a particular place and it basically did the rest. 

I spent the morning at the office and the early afternoon running errands: the bank to make a deposit, a store to pay a bill, and the post office to ship my old processor back to Cochlear.   Then I ate my lunch and got back to work in my office taking care of the mail that stacked up while we were gone last week.  The afternoon was slower and late in the afternoon I actually got a little cleaning done.

Ron was going to see his mom for Tuesday night supper as usual so I told him I would join them.  When I arrived, 4 of my grandchildren were playing in her front yard while their mom visited with Margaret.  The kids were having so much fun in the yard.  They are outdoor kids and can find fun where ever they are.  My daughter-in-law had to go pick up our oldest grandson from a computer training session at the church with one of the men who is helping him learn how to maintain the church website. 

While Barb ran her errand, she took that son home and picked up the youngest of the girls.  We all enjoyed eating together and laughing at the kids.  What fun they are!  This sweet little one always wants a baby doll to cuddle, but couldn't find one and settled for a teddy bear.  It got kissed and burped, and cuddled.
We stayed and visited a long time and had a relaxing evening.  When noise gets too loud, my sound processor shuts down to protect my hearing.  I will admit it shut down a few times!
Once home, I caught up on a few things and unpacked some things I got in Houston for my quilt projects.  Then I chatted with Vickey for a while.  She and Bob sent me these lovely flowers to let me know they would be praying for me yesterday as I spoke at the church.
We have some amazing sons and they married some awesome girls!  We are so blessed!

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