Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 19, 2013

10 Months of Challenges and Adjustments
November 19, 2013

It was actually 10 months yesterday since I suffered Sudden Hearing Loss and on what seemed like a fairly normal Friday afternoon, I went deaf.  Those first few weeks went by in a blur of shock and confusion.  At the time I felt like I was adjusting in the best way I could and my husband did all he could to make my life easier, but when I look back at photos taken 3 weeks later, I see a sadness and withdrawal.

But, life kept going on and I had to keep doing the things I normally would, like working at the office.  Ron tried not to leave me where I would be dealing with customers alone, but there were times it could not be helped. 
The grandchildren continued to visit and find ways to let Grandma know what they needed or wanted, and to make me smile.
They would visit and watch the birds with me and we found things we could enjoy together in my quiet world. 
Spring went by in a blur of visits to doctors and lots of testing.  Before I knew it, we had a surgery date.  And then...I broke my elbow.
The surgery date for June 10 was kept for the Cochlear Implant and I went to Houston for that surgery following the surgery for the broken elbow on June 3. 
These three came to Houston to help pass the time for Ron while he waited for me to have the surgery.  You can see the dry marker board was still in use since I would not be hearing until July.
Two wonderful daughters-in-law, visited and helped as I recovered from the surgeries.  I am so blessed!
My husband's joy when he knew I could HEAR with the Cochlear Implant.  It worked!  I could understand speech!  What a gift!
My grandson realizing I could hear him and carry on a conversation with him.  As they say...Priceless!
Back to the office to start to catch up on a lot of things that weren't done or weren't done well in previous months.

This summary will continue tomorrow.  It has been a good day, but rather quiet.  There was time to think back on all that has happened.  It has been such a blessing to have good medical care.


  1. You've had quite a time these last 10 months. But God was faithful and heard the cries of you and your family (and Rachel) and now you can be witness of this faithfulness in your life. All glory to our amazing God.

    1. So true, Nana Karen. God has been so good and it has been good to see the family rally around to each help in different ways. I needed help in different ways, not all doing the same thing, but as God led and gifted them to meet specific needs; needs like David setting up this blog site for me.