Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 13, 2013

Reaching Out
November 13, 2013

One of the first things I do in the mornings is to check the news on the television.  Then I go to the computer and check on news from family and friends by going to Facebook, emails, and my blog.  This morning there was an email that came through a friend.  This is the friend who graciously houses us in Houston.  One of her closest friends had sent her an email asking for information about the doctor I used in Houston for my Cochlear Implant, because a friend of hers had very recently suffered Sudden Hearing Loss.  I quickly got the information sent to both ladies and I am praying for the man I have never met, who is struggling with his hearing loss.  Please share my situation with your friends.  It is not gossip; it is getting out the word about a devastating medical condition that few of us ever hear about until it hits a friend or family member.  If I can ever be of help to you or a friend concerning hearing loss, please let me know.

The next thing I do most mornings is to go take care of things in the backyard: the ponds, birdbaths, and bird feeders.  The "duck wars" continue.  Just after dawn, they began to gather in the water just off the bank in the yard. 

A cold front blew in with a vicious wind late yesterday afternoon.  This tree along the bank in the backyard blew over and I know what Ron needs to do this weekend!  A Green Heron flew out of it as I walked into the yard.  The birds will love it while it is draped just above the water.

It was chilly today so I felt I needed to fill the feeders for the birds.  There were a few doves waiting for me to serve their breakfast.

My husband and I had an interesting discussion about hearing loss when I told him of the email I just mentioned.  He said he thought it would be so much harder for a man to deal with being deaf.  Actually, I agree with him, but wondered why we both feel that way.  In most cases, the man is the primary bread winner in the family and being able to hear is important in almost every occupation.  The man is normally the protector of the family and if you can't hear danger, it is hard to protect others from that danger.  I don't have any answers to the question but I was amazed he brought it up, and amazed that once I thought about his point of view, I agreed with him.

It was a productive day at the office.  I did some bill paying.  I made up a deposit and went to the bank.  Then I spent much of the afternoon going through the statements I get from Medicare and my supplemental insurance.  Oh, there are SO MANY pages and pages of them!  I am very thankful for the good coverage that I have had and for the way I have been treated by all the doctors.  The doctors are busy and don't waste time, but they will answer all my questions.  I pray that with the changes coming in the medical system, we will still be able to receive the excellent care that we feel we have gotten this year.

Mom stopped by the office just before I went home.  She had been to Harlingen with the ladies in our quilt group to go to the quilt shop, Hobby Lobby, and lunch.  I had asked her to look for some things my mother-in-law wanted and she had selected a bag full of goodies.  My mother-in-law was delighted with the items. 

After work, I came home and fixed supper while Ron took the bag of goodies to his mom and then went to see our friend in the hospital.  The friend is doing much better and hopes to be released tomorrow.  I did a little reading and a little sewing after supper and think I could have two projects together by the end of the week.  I am pleased with the progress in "Santa's Workshop". 

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