Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

Long Day
December 9, 2013

Every day has 24 hours.  That means this day is not really any longer than any other, it just seems that way.  My husband is still sick with his sore throat.  That is not unusual.  When he gets these, he is usually sick for about a week and then has a lingering cough for weeks.  He stayed home and slept all day.  That meant that I had to be at the office all day.  When I open the office, I am normally early.  He is normally late when he opens.  Instead of going to work about 9:30, today I went about 7:45.

It was not too busy today.  I had a couple of times when several customers were there, but all in all, it was a little slow.  It was warmer today than it has been (about 60 instead of 40), but was overcast and misty.  This morning I started by working on my messy desk.  It doesn't look a lot better than it did, but it is more organized and I got some things off of it.  This afternoon I worked on Christmas cards.  I keep finding things that are painful to accomplish with my left arm, and they very often surprise me.  I found one today: folding Christmas cards!  That does not seem like a stressful job, but somehow it was painful.  I still have a lot to do, so I will work tomorrow to find another way to fold them.

As far as the hearing, I did fairly well, but not perfect.  One of the challenges here is that not only am I trying to figure out what the person is saying, I first have to figure out what language they are saying it in.  Many of the customers speak only Spanish.  Many speak what we call "Tex-Mex".  It is a mixture of English and Spanish and made up words.  Many of the customers needed to speak to Ron or they needed his expertise and so it was a frustrating day in that respect.

After I closed the office I ran one shopping errand.  Stores are getting crowded and drivers are getting impatient, so I want to finish my shopping as soon as I can.  I found a couple of great small gifts this evening and then stopped to get bread and allergy medication on the way home.

It was about 6:30 when I got home and Ron was still sleeping soundly.  I fixed some tuna salad for my supper and ate before I started cleaning the house.  Yes, the housekeeper was just here two days ago, but my grand daughters helped me decorate after she was here and I did a lot of fabric cutting and cooking, so there is a lot to clean.  I have my quilt group coming tomorrow night and we are having a little party so I need things in much better shape than they currently are.

When my little grand daughter, Rachel (for whom this blog is named) has been here, she always leaves touches of her personality for me to enjoy once she goes home.  A couple of these could have been left by her sister, but I find those little sparkling jewels to rejoice in after they go home.  Here are a few examples:
These little reindeer have Velcro on their front feet and can be stuck together to create a chain.  This is my sewing box.
 My kitchen bar stool...
 My refrigerator.  The reindeer could also be found on drawer pulls, the oven  door handle, and cabinet doors.  I suspect I still have some to find.

Mom brought this to me from her recent Caribbean cruise.  It is a hummingbird made from a coconut.  Part is hollowed out so you can put hummingbird nectar in there and hang it outside.  It has been hanging in the sewing room.  Tonight I found these flowers added to it.  I like it this way!  Thanks, girls! 

I did talk on the phone using my phone cable, hooking my cell phone to my sound processor for the Cochlear Implant.  I had difficulty understanding him so he called back from a cell phone and that worked much better.  We had a nice chat.  We are so looking forward to being together when they come for Christmas in just 2 weeks!!

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