Friday, December 20, 2013

December 19, 2013

Biopsy Report: A-OK!
December 19, 2013

Snowman doing a Happy Dance!

A day late and a dollar short may be my holiday status!  Not really.  God provides the dollars I need and it is only because so many good things are going on, that I am running late with my postings these days.  It may only get worse as the house gets fuller!

I went to the thyroid specialist, Dr. Concha, yesterday morning (can that have only been one day ago?).  She showed me the report on the thyroid biopsy done last Friday, and all is well.  She will see me in six months now instead of a year since the nodule grew so much this past year.  I will go for a sonogram and blood work a week before I see her in June.

Stephen asked when I was texting with him right after the doctor visit, "If it keeps growing do they just leave it alone?"  If it grows to a point where it is pressing on the throat, making it hard to swallow or causing hoarseness, they would probably remove it, but at this point, they just watch it.  Last year I had a nodule that came up on the other side and this year it is gone.  Pray that this one does the same!  So for now, I will just keep the appointments on a regular schedule and if other symptoms (difficulty swallowing, etc.) occur, I will go back sooner.  I am so blessed with this kind, gracious lady being my doctor.  She sits down "knee-to-knee" to me and quickly shows me the report.  Years ago (25+) I had a biopsy by another doctor and he rattled on for 20 minutes from behind his huge, expensive desk, before telling me I was fine.  I never went back to him.  I was so angry.  He could have started off with, "You are fine."

I picked up one Christmas gift in Harlingen before heading back to go to work.  Since I can hear, I had a couple of good conversations with customers.  The evening was spent sewing, wrapping, and chatting with David on Facebook.  It looks like Diana's nephew is coming with them and the niece is still undecided.  She wants to come, but we won't know for a couple of days what is going to work out.  So glad Anthony is coming and praying it works out for Dee to come, too.  Sweet kids.  Great additions to the family.

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