Thursday, December 5, 2013

December 5, 2013

A Trip to the Doctor, Followed by 
a Successful Shopping Trip
December 5, 2013

This morning I took care of the ponds and bird feeders after I got the blog entry done for yesterday.  I was late doing it.  I explained that it had not gotten done because I was too tired the night before.  I think that is becoming a habit.  I am tired tonight, but I got a lot accomplished today.

At the office I made one adjustment to the design of my Christmas card and then started printing them, but didn't get very far. I will pick up where I left off tomorrow morning.  After my lunch, I left to go to Harlingen to see my thyroid doctor, Dr. Concha.  She is a beautiful, Oriental lady who is so gracious and kind. 

A few years ago, our church had a couple of times where they allowed a medical company to come and offer assorted medical screening tests for an affordable rate.  I had these done in 2010 and they showed a nodule on my thyroid.  When I took those results to my doctor he kind of scoffed at them asking what symptoms I had.  There were none, but he gave me a referral to a specialist.  He said he didn't like those type testing companies because they often alarmed people unnecessarily.  I obviously wasn't alarmed because I waited six months before I took it to him, since I suspected he would say to wait six months and then re-test.  He said, yes that is what he would have said.  He did admit he had two patients who are now alive because places like that detected serious problems where no symptoms showed up.  So, he had to admit they could be helpful if the patients don't over react when they get their results.  I didn't.

When I saw the specialist that first time, she kind of had the same attitude as my primary care physician, but after doing a sonogram 6 months after that initial one, she said she needed to do a biopsy.  All was fine and every year I go for a sonogram and blood tests and then see her for an exam.  Since 2010, there has been very little change except for a second nodule that showed up on the other side but is now gone.  I remain symptom free. 

I had the tests done a couple of weeks ago and went today for the exam with Dr. Concha, the specialist.  She said the blood work was fine and the thyroid was not causing any problems with the blood and can't be blamed for my weight.  The nodule on the right side is gone.  That was the good news.  The bad news is that the nodule on the left side has doubled in size this year, so she scheduled a biopsy for next Friday.  Then I go back a week after that for results.  Then we will be back on the every six months instead of the current every year schedule. 

Dr. Concha had not seen me in a year, so she didn't know about all I had been through this last year.  She, like several of my doctors, was not familiar with Sudden Hearing Loss.  She asked the question that everyone else does:  Why did it happen?  I should have told her it was my thyroid to see what she would say.  Not really.  She is way too nice to do that to her.  I am so thankful for her.  She is a blessing.  She loves the Lord and is a faithful prayer warrior.  I like to have praying doctors.  She agreed that 2013 had been a rough year for me.  I told Ron when I got home that I am so glad I trust in God to take care of me and am not superstitious or I might have refused the appointment she gave me for Friday the 13th of 2013!  She and I agreed that we want to get rid of all the bad stuff this year so next year will be smooth sailing.  I hope so!  I am ready for some smooth sailing.

She asked if I wanted her to explain the procedure and I said no, I knew about it since she had done it before on me.  She asked if I just didn't want to know or if I really remembered.  I told her I remembered and that she did such a good job, it is not scary.  She said I was really putting the pressure on her.  She has a very gentle touch and a calming way about her, but my blood pressure still goes up when I walk in the door to her office.  I mentioned that to another patient and she said she has the same problem.

After I left Dr. Concha's office, I started my Christmas shopping.  I have done very little Christmas shopping so far, so I was "on a mission" to get it done.  Well, not all of it, but I did make some excellent progress.  Six of the grand children are done except for one small item for the baby.  (This includes our honorary grand children, Diana's niece and nephew.)  I just have Jeff's two oldest and Diana's nephew to still do in that generation group.  I also got one of the adults done and have strong possibilities on several other adults.  I think I did five stores in Harlingen and two in Brownsville on my way home.  Five hours of shopping and few frustrations.  Crowds weren't bad.  I was surprised how much Hobby Lobby was already sold out of in the area of Christmas decorations, package decorations, etc. 

I made another phone call today!  I called my friend Pat (who knows everything you could need to ask because she works at the Tourist and Visitor Information Center).  She did know the answer to my question: "Is there a Michael's in Harlingen?"  The answer is, "NO".  Thank you, Pat.  She and her husband go all over the valley shopping so I knew she would know the answer even if she didn't work at the Information Center.  It is Pat and her husband who we usually go to supper with on Friday nights, but not tomorrow because we are going to babysit our 5 youngest grand children.  I think it is sugar cookie time!  That will work well since my house keeper comes on Saturday.  Lucky me!  She can get all the sticky finger prints off everything and the sticky spots off the kitchen floor after we decorate the cookies.

It was after 8:00 before I got home, but I was pleased with all that I had accomplished.  I could hear the doctor.  I heard when I was called in for my appointment (that is rare).  I could usually hear the clerks as they told me how much money I was spending.  I could hear the clerk at Chick-fil-A where I picked up my supper.  I am getting more confident when I am out shopping alone.  Ron may not think this is good.  My son, Bob called just a few minutes ago and I do have trouble understanding him on the phone.  I did hear him say they got several inches of snow today.  Burrrr.....  The front has not arrived here, but my aching elbow tells me it is not too far away.

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