Saturday, December 14, 2013

December 14, 2013

Successful Saturday
December 14, 2013

There were many things I accomplished today, so I think it would have to fall in the successful category.  I did not leave the house, except to walk out in the back yard this morning.  Ron had filled the ponds and birdbaths, but not the feeders, so I went out to do that.  While out there I spotted an Anhinga, a rather large water bird.  Some winters they have roosted in the trees out back every night, but I didn't see any last year.  I came in the house to get the camera and the Anhinga was gone.  In the process of looking for him I scared away a Black-crowned Night Heron and a Great Blue Heron, not getting a photo of either.  I must go out more quietly, but I didn't have my sound processor on so I could not tell how loud I was.

There are a couple of things I have failed to mention.  One is that the new replacement credit card arrived Thursday after I called them Tuesday afternoon.  It was worth the call.  The second was that I had another nose bleed last night.  I had planed to put the binding on a baby quilt, but didn't risk working on it last night after the nose bleed.  This morning I started working on it and was pleased that my hand did not hurt.  I did three of the four sides and then the hand started hurting so I put it aside for a while.  This is not a Christmas gift, but a baby gift for my niece's baby that is due next week.  It is due the day after our oldest son's birthday (which was also my dad's birthday). I don't think my niece reads my blog, so I will include a photo of the quilt.  All the prints are of cats. 
My sister and her husband are in town briefly.  They arrived Thursday evening and left this evening.  My sister is the grandmother-to-be of this baby so I wanted to finish the quilt and let her deliver it when she goes to visit after the baby comes.  They came by after lunch to see our Christmas tree and I finished the binding while they were here.
This is my sister and her husband.  He stayed busy doing odd jobs at my mom's house.  He is so good about doing that when ever they visit.

Here is my mom, in the middle of two of her three daughters.  She is doing so well for 90 years old, but has been having some pain in one ankle/lower leg and it is slowing her down a little, but not much.

Before they came, I made some sugar cookies.  I told my sister that I had given her two sugar cookie recipes and I liked one better than the other.  I made the one I like and she and her husband agreed it was great.  When I was working the dough I found that my hand hurt, but not so much that I couldn't do the job.  The rotation on the hand is so much better.  I can extend that hand, palm up, to accept change from a store clerk.  I can use it to catch crumbs when I wipe the table or kitchen counter.  Just a couple of weeks ago that was too painful.

After they left, I got two pillowcases made.  Ron is still not feeling great and I have a headache that started just after the biopsy yesterday.  I thought at the time it was tension, but now think it is sinus.  I have done a lot of sneezing today.  I actually wrapped three gifts today - one birthday and two Christmas gifts.  I have a lot of work ahead of me!  Thankfully my house keeper was here today, but is leaving tomorrow until Christmas Eve.  I know it is good for her to see her family, but she will be missed!  A lot!

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