Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 8, 2013

Sickly Sunday
December 8, 2013

My husband seems to get a very bad sore throat about once a year.  It is usually in December.  It usually is at Christmas.  He is a little early this year.  I am hoping that means he will be well be Christmas.  Yesterday he told me he was coming down with a sore throat and by last night he was feeling lousy.  So this morning instead of teaching his Sunday School class, he stayed home and slept.  I was up several times last night with an upset stomach so after over sleeping this morning, I decided that I also would stay home.  The worship service was the Christmas musical and I knew I would have trouble understanding any of it.  In fact last night I had watched the one my son was a part of in San Antonio - on line.  I enjoyed watching my son in the choir and my daughter-in-law in the orchestra, but I couldn't identify any of the music.

I made a big pot of soup for our lunch, allowing it to simmer for a couple of hours.  I worked on a few Christmas cards, cut out several fabric projects and cleaned the kitchen.  I fed the birds.  It was 37 degrees when I got up this morning, with (according to my cell phone) a rain and snow mix.  I didn't see either.  There was a slight mist when I got up, but not much.  It was windy so the wind chill was in the upper 20s.  I got out several more boxes of Christmas decorations.

We had planned to have my son, Jeff and his family over for lunch and to celebrate a couple of birthdays, but I called (did you catch that?) my daughter-in-law early this morning and cancelled out to keep them from being exposed.  In a little while she texted and said their oldest daughter really wanted to come over after church to help me set up my little village.  I had asked her about it Friday night when they were here.  So this afternoon Barbara brought her over and her sister was with her.  I told her she could stay too and they worked hard setting up four of nativity scenes, scattering the stuffed animals and snowmen throughout the house and setting up part of the village.  We had some of the cake I baked late last night and Barbara took most of it home with her when she dropped the girls off.

My arm was better today.  I was able to do several things in the kitchen that I couldn't do a couple of days ago.  Getting down on the floor with the girls to work on the village under the tree is a challenge because that means I have to get up when we are finished.  Not having full strength in my left arm makes that hard.  In spite of that, we got a lot done this afternoon.  The girls had fun and so did I.  Ron stayed locked in his room and he will probably come out when he gets well.  Actually that is what he would like to do, but he will probably go to the office for part of the day tomorrow.

I took the girls to the church at 5:30 for their evening activities.  Their dad had brought the other kids and I had taken the birthday gifts for Jeff and the baby.  The baby loves dolls, and instantly "mothers" them.  In fact on their vacation they were in a special store and she found a damaged doll under a counter, probably put there to be later disposed of, but she found it and loved, cuddled, and cared for the damaged doll.  Her parents encouraged her to select another one, but she was only interested in the one with the missing eye.  They took it to the clerk and asked how much they wanted for it, and when they saw her love for the doll they told them she could have it.  The doll I got her is fairly large - probably about the size or a real 3 month old.  She immediately began to care for it and was happy as could be.  Barb just sent me this photo of her taking care of the doll in the high chair.

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