Thursday, December 12, 2013

December 12, 2013

Speed Sewing
December 12, 2013

The last 24 hours have been busy for me.  I sewed until 1:30 this morning, working on getting the binding on one quilt and locating another quilt top I had already made and putting it together with batting and backing and "tacking" it on the sewing machine.  Technically it is a comforter, not a quilt, but we usually refer to them as quilts.  The one I started tacking last night isn't a Christmas gift.  It is a baby gift for a sweet little baby who will be a wonderful Christmas gift to her parents a week or so before Christmas.

This morning I was up early and started work on a couple of pillowcases that I cut out a few days ago.  I still have a bunch to make, but tonight I finished the two I started before I went to the office.

I put in a full day at the office, working on getting the reports in the mail to the accountant.  I paid a couple of bills, waited on a bunch of customers while Ron was busy doing customer repair jobs.  I never did get to my Christmas cards, as I had planned.  I did some hand work on the quilt in progress - not the baby one but the other one.  There are several things that make my arm hurt, that catch me off guard.  This evening, it was the sewing at the machine.  The quilts are a little heavy to maneuver and the position is awkward, so that my arm rebels.  Another action that bothers me is putting on or taking off a jacket.  It has been chilly here for several days and rotating the arm behind my back as I try to take off a jacket hurts.  When we cut keys for customers, we stamp our business name on them so the people know where they got them and it is our guarantee.   When I bring the hammer down on the die to stamp the name, the jarring hurts the arm.  It is just a vibration that goes up the arm.  Oh, well.  It will get better. 

Yesterday afternoon my mom stopped by my office.  She knows I am expecting a house full of people for the week of Christmas.  She brought two big bags of paper products to lighten the load of that week.  I don't know if I had mentioned to her that washing dishes hurts my arm.  

If you are right handed, imagine you are washing a plate.  Probably you hold the plate in your left hand with the hand rotated so that the palm is almost pointing up.  That hurts my wrist and arm.  Switching hands isn't much better, because I need to rotate the hand as I rub the dish rag across the surface.  As my husband told someone a few days ago, I need to do those things to get better.  Doing them is like physical therapy.  Physical therapy usually hurts.  But I have to push to improve.

The hearing went pretty well today.  Oh, I did get an email from Cochlear today.  When my implant was done, they were just about to release the upgraded model of the sound processor.  When the surgery is done, you get two sound processors.  They told me at the time, if I was able to leave the second processor in the sealed package, when the new model was available, they would trade the second processor for the newer model.  They are now ready to do that.  I will need to send in the sealed one and get the newer model.  It sounds like they have made some improvements in a couple of particular areas that should make it a little more comfortable.  I have until May to make the trade.  I may wait until after the Christmas mailing rush.

Also in today's mail came my new credit card from the credit card company that had cancelled my old one because of a security breach.  I am glad to have it and my oldest grandson will be glad I have it so I can order his Christmas gift tomorrow.

We went to supper with our friends that we normally go with on Friday nights, but tomorrow night (Friday) we are going to help my mom decorate her Christmas tree.   My sister Janet and her husband flew in tonight (I think) and they will be here a couple of days. 

Tomorrow I go to the thyroid doctor for my biopsy.  I am going to the office for a while and then going to work on my Christmas shopping before I go to the doctor.  If I feel up to it, (and I should), I will shop some more after I finish there.  I still have so much to get done!  I think I will head to bed because I hope to bake some cookies in the morning before I go to the office.  As I mentioned, we will go to Mom's after work to help with the Christmas tree.  Another busy day ahead!