Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
December 16, 2013

It is getting harder to find wrapping paper that actually says, "Merry Christmas" like this one does.  So sad.  Everyone talks about Christmas, and Christmas gifts, Christmas cards, Christmas songs, Christmas cookies, and on and on, but many don't want anything to with the Christ in Christmas.  I don't understand those who want the glitter and parties, and gifts, but don't want us to say CHRISTmas.
This is my dining table/wrapping center.  Maybe you can guess what I have been doing.  I have been wrapping the Christmas gifts that I have purchased and made.  I love this part of the festivities as I wrap the gift I have selected for each person.  But it can get hectic.  I had my husband bring in a card table for me to do the actual wrapping on since the table was filled with gifts, paper, tags, ribbons, etc.  As I mentioned yesterday, this year the actual wrapping is a little painful.  I did get a lot of it done today.

Ron had told me I could go shopping this morning and he would stay at the office working while I tried to make progress on my "to do list".  He will do most anything to avoid having to do the shopping.  That is not his comfort zone.

This morning I went to several stores and accomplished a lot.  Going in the morning while schools are still in session helps, but they were short on clerks.  It seemed every line I got in, had problems.  Checking out at each store took almost as much time as selecting the gifts! 

While going from store to store, I would try singing Christmas carols in the car.  I am not sure how well I can explain this, but if I just sing the old songs I know very well, I think I do OK.  But if I listen to myself sing, then I get messed up since I hear several notes sounding the same.  I think I am singing it correctly, but it doesn't sound correct and it throws me off.  So if I sing, and don't listen, what is the point of singing?  I asked my husband a couple of questions about it tonight and he says my voice has been sounding higher pitched than normal and raspy.  Maybe it is just my allergies throwing me off.

At 2:00 I went to the office as my husband had suggested this morning and worked on some bookkeeping and a deposit.  We closed a little early since I needed to go to the bank and he had to do a job for another bank.  They were having the Christmas parade tonight (postponed from when the weather was so bad last week) and the parade forms at the corner by our office, so we left and let them have the corner.

After my trip to the bank I came home and fixed supper for us and got back to my gift wrapping project.  I think I am at the point where I need to find a couple of boxes that are specific sizes, before I can do much more.

Our youngest son called this evening to talk a little about Christmas shopping.  He mentioned something he and Kristina are going to do when they get here Saturday night.  I asked for him to repeat that.  You know the trouble I have hearing on the phone.  He did repeat it.  I had heard correctly.  I thought they were coming Sunday.  I am delighted they are coming Saturday so they can go to church with us Sunday.  So many people want to see him while he is home.  He said he had told me he was going to ask for Saturday off.  True.  I just didn't know he got it.  Yea!!  Let the fun begin. 

Later I talked to our daughter-in-law Vickey.  They are so excited about the chance to be home for Christmas and have everyone here.  We are looking forward to lots of fun times.

There is an update I have to share.   Last night I mentioned our friend in North Texas with the tumor/growth in his head that would require surgery.  The doctors have decided it is not a tumor, but rather it is a cluster of blood vessels that is a condition he was born with.  They still need to do something about it, but it is great news to know it is not a growing tumor.

There were a couple of sad pieces of news today.  A friend lost her grandson today - 13 years old.  This was due to a complication following spinal surgery.  Then this evening we received word a former church member had died of a heart attack.  Losses are always sad, but they seem harder at Christmas.  One of my grandmothers was buried on Dec. 23 over 45 years ago but I still remember one of the things her pastor said, "She will be in Heaven for Christmas, the time we have chosen to celebrate the birth of Christ."  We don't know the details of what things will happen in Heaven, but we do know it will be a wonderful place of total happiness and no hurts and pains.  The deaf will hear, the blind will see, the lame will walk and run.  Our Lord will be there.  I look forward to being able to hear the amazingly beautiful music that I believe will be going on.  I will be able to sing magnificently.  I will hear it.  Will you be there?


  1. Beautifully written and told, Linda.

  2. Love this one & the news about Tate in particular!! You are doing so well, it makes me proud & very happy!!! Hands together for you!!!

    1. Every day is better. Yes, the news about Tate is wonderful! Praise God!