Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 22, 2013

Pre-Christmas Sunday
December 22, 2013

It has been a good, busy day.  The day started with Sunday School and worship service.  There were a few people at church I had not seen recently.  It is always good to see old friends.  When we sang some of the Christmas carols, I followed the melody in a couple of them but then had trouble picking it out.  The service was good and I loved sitting with family.  Our son Stephen and his girlfriend were there and one of our grandsons sat with me with two of the grand daughters and my daughter-in-law Barbara sitting behind me.  Mom had been there, but wasn't feeling well, so she had our son take her home.

After church I had a meeting and then we went to Jeff and Barb's for lunch.  On the way we picked my mom up to go with us.  At Jeff's house, we found that the power was out.  When he contacted the power company, they said the high winds had knocked a tree down across a power line and they were working on fixing it.  Barb was well prepared and lunch was ready in the dark.  Of course it was mid-day, but a gray day and the kitchen was rather dark.  The power came on about the time we sat down to eat.

We had a good lunch and a fun time visiting.  The young grand children are always entertaining.  Ron and I left and took my mom home a while after lunch and Stephen and Kristina stayed to visit.  While eating lunch, my sound processor was really picking up too much and the noise got to me.  I left the table for a while to go wash dishes in a little quieter setting.  The two oldest grandsons were to do the dishes and their mom didn't want me doing their chores, but I needed the break.  I didn't finish them.  I left some for the boys to do.

Here, our youngest grand daughter was rearranging the figures in the nativity set that is made for the children to enjoy. 
Mom read to the youngest grandson before we left.

My arm got fairly sore yesterday - not real sure why.  I did "whack" the elbow once as I carried things through a doorway, but I think it was just tired.  Today some of that soreness continued.  We are due a weather change tonight, so that might be a factor, but there are certain Christmas related activities that are painful.  Gift wrapping can hurt.  It is not the weight of the packages being wrapped, but rather the hand position involved when I go to put tape on the boxes.  Strange and unpredictable. 

The biggest sewing project I was working on got finished this afternoon while everyone else took naps.  Yea!!  Now one other quilting project to be finished (not looking promising), and some pillowcases. I also baked cookies while the family napped.  I got a few gift wrapped.

When they all got up, it was supper time and we made mini-pizzas for supper.  After we ate, we continued to talk for a long time.  It sure is nice to catch up.

The hearing continues to be a challenge.  Crowds make it so hard to hear the person talking to me.  It would be easy to give up some days.  I think right now I need to head to bed and give it a rest!  Tomorrow will be another very busy day.

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