Saturday, December 28, 2013

December 28, 2013

Kitchen Noises
December 28, 2013

The days lately have been too long (meaning I stay up too late) and too short (meaning my kids are continuing to go home after Christmas).  It was 3:30 last night before I went to bed and I was up about 7:00 this morning.  I have been busy all day.  The morning was a mixture of working in the kitchen and the sewing room.  Stephen and Kristina were out much of the day taking care of several things for Ron's mom.  Bob and Vickey went shopping in Harlingen. 

At the grocery store I got the nicest sacker.  He did a great job of sacking my purchases and then offered to help me get them to the car.  I told him I could manage, but he insisted.  He finally admitted he wanted a walk outside.  It was a very nice afternoon so I let him help me.  We chatted about my recovery from the broken elbow (I told him that is why I accepted his offer to help).  He wished me well with my recovery.  He was just a very nice young man.

The entire afternoon and much of the evening was spent in the kitchen.  I had asked the kids this morning, what they wanted for supper.  Kristina and Vickey wanted me to show them again how to do the homemade rolls.  Bob wanted apple pies.  Stephen didn't really say, but usually wants fajitas.  I made a big pasta salad for Kristina and several liked it.  The whole afternoon was on my feet in the kitchen which got warmer and warmer! 

About the time supper was ready, Vickey and I started a big batch of Chex mix cereal.  It was after midnight before it was ready to pack up.  Much of it is going home with Stephen.  We will do some more in the next day or two for Bob and Vickey to take home and to take some to David and Diana.  Mom joined us for supper and enjoyed the food and the family.

Our kitchen is not very big and it is an interior room with no windows.  It gets hot, but it also gets noisy.  But the time the refrigerator makes it noises (which are many and loud), the dishwasher does its thing, the chatter of several other folks in the kitchen, I can't hear myself think.  It was very hard for me to hear while working in there.

Kristina reminded me that I had told her I wanted photos of the quilt I made for her, so I took several of those this evening.

My arm and hand are tired and sore.  Several of the cooking chores are painful to my injured arm.  Peeling apples for the pies is very hard, as is slicing an onion.  Just the position and the strength required cause stress.  My head is aching some.  I still see the flashes of light.  I am ready for some sleep!  But I will not get too much since Stephen and Kristina want to leave early.  Vickey will be singing the special music in church  tomorrow morning.  I think I should go to bed!!


  1. The cupcake quilt turned out great. Love the yummy colors!

    1. Thanks, Tiny. I think she was pleased with it. I loved the way all the pinks came together. It made he hungry to work on it. :)