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December 27, 2013

A Wonderfully Relaxing Friday
December 27, 2013

It is hard to recall when I have had as relaxing a day as today has been.  I noticed this evening that my neck and shoulders felt relaxed.  I hadn't thought about them being tense, but now that the tension is gone, I feel so relaxed.  This morning I slept until about 9:30.  I am getting the hang of this sleeping late stuff.  Not good.  It is OK for the holidays, but oh, my.  It will be a problem when I try to get back in the groove at work.

A little after 10:00, Bob got up and he and I went to get milk, donuts, and ice.  It was nice to have time one-on-one with him as we ran those errands.  We woke the others when we got home and they slowly drifted to the breakfast table over the next hour.  It is obvious we all have needed a break and a time to relax.  Sorry Ron isn't getting as much of it as the rest of us are.  I took the day off and spent it mostly in the sewing room with Vickey.

When Vickey was here in the spring she started thinking about a quilt for Bob with fabric pictures of things that he loves.  While she was here in June helping me following my Cochlear Implant surgery, she went through my fabric collection and selected a wide variety of fabrics for the quilt and has been purchasing others over the months.  She cut more squares today and we have now laid out the quilt on the design wall.  She now has 132 different squares ready to put together to make a quilt 66 inches x 72 inches.  It is a project that could go on and on with collecting being never ending, but Bob has decided this is the place to stop.  We hope to start sewing it together this next week.  They have 4 more days here.  But there are SEVERAL more projects she wants to do or get help on while she is here.
Bob and I spent an hour or so late this evening arranging the fabrics to his liking.  All day he kept saying that was our job, but he just couldn't help but to get involved.  Off and on during the afternoon I experimented with a pattern I had been wanting to try.  It wastes too much fabric so I am not sure I will use it.  It is made from scraps and I have a lot of scraps, so maybe I should do it and clear some of them out.

My hearing has been pretty good - no extra loud noises.  I find there are many sounds I can't identify and the kids have been helping me figure out what those are.  This morning I heard a noise I could not place and Vickey said it was the garbage truck.  It sure didn't sound like a garbage truck, but a few minutes later Bob came in and asked if that was the garbage truck that he had heard.  He wanted to take out the trash but the can had been full.  So I guess Vickey had been right.

Putting the fabrics on the design wall started hurting my arm after a bit and tonight the hand is very sore.  It is raining hard outside so I wonder if it is weather related instead of activity related.  It has rained off and on all day and that is nice.  We need the rain.

Bob picked my mom up to bring her over for supper this evening and then took her home after we ate.  She is having a lot of pain in one ankle and will be having some vein surgery in about a week to hopefully get some relief from the pain.  Stephen and Kristina spent much of their day running errands for Ron's mom and taking care of some of her needs.  I am so blessed to have kids who love and care about their grandmas.  Stephen and Kristina had picked up a meal for Ron's mom and had eaten with her and weren't very hungry when we sat down to supper, but joined us anyway.

Once Bob and Vickey were back from taking my mom home, they all sat down to play a game.  They have enjoyed being together.  Bob and Vickey had not met Kristina and have enjoyed getting to know her. 
What a joy filled visit we have all been having.  We are sorry David and Diana and their kids could have been here longer, but we were delighted to have them here for several days.  The leftovers are about gone.  It is going to be time to cook again real soon.

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