Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 29, 2013

The Sounds of Music and Laughter and...
December 29, 2013

There was a song we sang in Sunday School as children that said:
Happy Sunday morning,
Happy Sunday morning,
We'll sing and pray and read God's Word,
This happy Sunday morning.
Sunday mornings are still fun, happy times.  We love to go to church to "sing and pray and read God's Word."  We love to be with others who are joyful doing those same things.  I do wish I could hear the singing better.  There were still several Christmas carols in today's music and I was able to follow them pretty well.

This morning our daughter-in-law, Vickey, sang Bethlehem Morning as the special music at church.  Thankfully there was a video to go with it with closed captions.  I could read the words as she sang. Vickey is a high soprano but I was hearing a lower sound.  I asked her later about it but it seems I was not hearing it right - the melody was higher than what I heard and I really could not pick out a melody.  I miss that.  I love to hear Vickey sing.  God has given her a beautiful voice and she sings with such emotion.  I pray that in time that I will again be able to enjoy hearing the music.

Maybe I should back up a little about our day.  Stephen and Kristina left this morning about 9:30 to head north.  They let us know this evening that they were back in Dallas.  He took her home before returning to his apartment.  I don't know if his room mate is back from Christmas or not.  It was so good to have them here and for Kristina to be a part of a big family Christmas.  She is an only child and I am sure at times we are overwhelming to her!  
After church this morning, we decided to let Bob and Vickey pick up some meat at Rudy's and we all went to Jeff and Barb's and added their leftovers from some Christmas parties to have a wonderful lunch together.  While Barb gathered things in the kitchen, I took photos of our grand children.  What treasures they are.  I can hear their giggles.  Actually, I have trouble hearing crying.  Strange.  Most crying is high pitched and I don't get those sounds, so other than the fact that I need to know if someone is hurt, I don't have to listen to the crying - although there is little of that at Jeff's house.
We enjoyed a relaxing time together and came home for a nap.  I did several things before my nap, but finally got a couple of hours of nap time.  Of course now it is almost midnight and I am not sleepy. 
Maybe I need my son to read me a bedtime story.

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