Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 29, 30, & 31, 2016

My World Spinning 
Out of Control
July 29, 30, & 31, 2016

My weekend has been spent in the recliner.  I think I am beginning to wear it out.  Thursday and Friday I didn't feel very good.  Thursday I had an upset stomach but spent the usual time at the office.  Friday Ron either let me sleep or did not fully wake me up and when I did wake up and saw it was 9:30, I quickly sat up and my world began spinning. 

For probably 20 years I have had occasional dizzy spells.  These started with a very bad spell that lasted for about 6 weeks.  The doctor said it was a virus and that for the first 6 months I would have several spells and then just off and on for the rest of my life.  It has been a long time since I had a bad one, but this weekend has been pretty bad.  Any fast movement sets my world to spinning. 

Thankfully there is not any nausea with this, but just leaning over to pick something up off the floor is a problem.  So, I feel like I have wasted my weekend.  I could not read yesterday but today I can read for a little while at a time.

Friday when I woke up feeling dizzy I let Ron know I would not be at the office until about noon.  My brother and his wife were in town and they and Mom came by the office in the afternoon and then later we met for supper.  It was good to see them again and catch up on their busy lives.

Since I have not been feeling well, I have not cut flowers since Thursday morning, so Ron says he will do it this evening.  There are a lot of them! 

I have been reading an Amish book currently.  For years I did not read them because I know often the Amish are depicted as being very stern and harsh in their discipline with their children.  When I finally started reading them in recent years, I have found only a little of that in the books I have read, but this book has a lot in it.  I keep debating if I am going to finish it, but I guess I will. 

Ron has picked up food for us the last couple of days since I don't feel like cooking or going grocery shopping.  He helped some with the laundry and I have been able to do some of it.  The dizziness seems to come in waves.  I managed to unload and load the dishwasher.  That helped the kitchen look 90% better.

I am so glad our daughter-in-law Vickey told me about the Hallmark Mystery & Movie channel because I have watched a lot of that this weekend when I didn't feel like reading.  I tried to listen to church on the computer this morning.  Our church is not live, online, but the churches of two of our sons are on.  I listened to parts of their services this morning, so I attended church in McAllen and in San Antonio today.

P.S.  115 flowers today; 5 arrangements.  So pretty!


  1. Hope you feel better soon. I take mecclizine for those dizzy spells. 25 mg. I never leave home without some in my purse for those unexpected spells.

    1. That is what I take and it seems it is now available over the counter. It works for me; just makes me sleepy. These days, it seems everything does!