Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August 1 & 2, 2016

The Spin Cycle is Almost Over
August 1 & 2, 2016

Young Great Kiskadee calling for Mom to come with food.
Things are getting better.  Yesterday (Monday) morning, Ron dropped me off at the doctor's office on his way to work.  The normally busy doctor's office was almost empty.  I was seen fairly quickly by the new nurse practitioner.  I like her and felt that she was thorough.  After several questions and a brief exam she prescribed the medication that I needed.
Same bird
When the paperwork at the doctor's office was finished, I called Ron and he picked me up.  We dropped the prescription request off at the pharmacy and went to the office.  I worked until about 12:30 and then he took me to pick up the medication before taking me home for the rest of the day.  I ended up napping and reading.
Mother Chachalaca and baby Chachalaca in a tree
After he got home and had worked in the yard for a while, I fixed supper - very simple - for us and later did a little sewing.  I was up late trying to finish a quilt I wanted Dolores to quilt for me today, but got too sleepy to finish it.  This morning I brought it to the office to finish, but had too many customers to get it done, so when Dolores arrived, I asked her if she could finish it.  There were just about 3 small seams to finish and she graciously agreed to do that.  I really appreciate her doing that for me.
Curious young Chachalaca watching me.
When I am making a quilt, there is a lot of getting up and down from the sewing machine to the cutting board, to the ironing board, to the design wall.  That can be a little hard with the dizziness.  A lot got done last night before I finally quit.  Three of the four border sections got done and three of the four corner squares were finished, but that last border was about on when I realized that I was off a little and it would drive me crazy.

I left the shop about 3:00 and came home for a nap before Ron and I went to Harlingen.  He had a job up there and then we stopped in San Benito for supper at the Longhorn Cattle Co.  Yummy supper there.  We were early enough that the noise was not too bad.  We used the wireless microphone and I could hear Ron better than he could hear me. 

Once home I started cutting zinnias and Ron ended up finishing it for me.  I was getting dizzy doing it.  We picked 100.  That takes us over 2,000 picked so far and there are still lots of buds.  There were a few more flowers, but they were in the middle and neither of us was up to doing anything about getting them.  I made 5 arrangements and they are lovely.  One is in my sewing room and one in the kitchen.  Took some that I made Sunday night, to the office this morning and put some on the counters and one in my office.  I gave one to Dolores when she picked up the quilt.  After I left, she brought back the quilt, all quilted, and it looks very nice.  I will try to include a photo in the next blog. 
Young sparrows


  1. So glad you got the "partnership" going with Dolores. Sounds like it's working well for both of you. Wish I was there to join you! Emailing some details of what is going on with me.

    1. Yes, it is working well with Dolores helping on the quilts. I feel so good to have several quilted. Of course, I need to bind them. Looking forward to hearing from you on what all is going on.