Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 17, 18, & 19, 2016

Another Week Starts -
What Happened to the Last One?
July 17, 18, & 19, 2016

Baby dove I found today out of the nest and too weak to return.

Sunday morning went well.  I got up and ready for church without going back to sleep.  We actually got there a little earlier than usual.  Our class room for Sunday School was full of faithful class members and a few visitors.  It was a good lesson and a lot of discussion.

As usual, I left class a little early to pick up my mother for the worship service.  I stayed in the auditorium for the music and a song by the children's choir before going to the vestibule for the sermon.  I have decided for now to listen to the sermon out there.  I can hear it much better and then I don't get sleepy when I can hear it.

We picked up lunch and I stayed home to eat while Ron went to his mom's for lunch.  We both napped in the afternoon. When I got up I went outside and picked zinnias and picked over 100 and made 5 arrangements.  I spent the evening reading and  watching movies on TV.

Monday at the office I tackled the bank statement again and got it balanced.  I finished the report papers and emailed them to the accountant and mailed the hard copies to him.  He quickly sent back to me the numbers so I could make the tax payment.  I cleared up a bunch of odds and ends and then paid a stack of bills.

After work I returned home and spent a little time in the yard.  I knew Ron would be late so I baked a cake before I fixed supper.  Once he came home I fixed supper and we had a late meal.  During the evening I watched parts of the Republican  National Convention.  There were some impressive speakers.

Today (Tuesday) I was late getting up and late getting to the office.  I spent the rest of the morning working on my personal check book and got it balanced and updated.  The afternoon was spent on other accounting activities.  The day was slow until mid afternoon and then we got busy.  There were some rain showers around the area. 

At the end of the work day I stopped at the store for a few items before I came home and took care of a few things in the yard.  There was a baby dove on the front sidewalk.  I took food and water to it, but not sure it ever ate.  He could fly a little, but would not be able to fly back to the nest high in the tree. 
Looks like one of the parents brought him a worm to eat.
After putting the groceries away, I went to gather zinnias.  Again I cut 100 of them and then arranged them in vases, making 5 arrangements again tonight.  They are doing well but we are keeping them watered at least once a day and sometimes twice a day. 

While working in the zinnia patch in was windy and warm.  I did not feel that it was real hot but found it had been a heat index of 102 degrees.  I should have come in sooner, but had not felt hot at all outside.  But once I was inside I had to spend some time cooling off.  Ron had gone to do some work for a customer after the office closed and he came in soaking wet with sweat . 

I spent the rest of the evening cleaning the kitchen and watching the convention on TV.  I am enjoying  the chosen speakers each evening. 

While listening to the speakers I had my Cochlear mini-mic plugged into the TV and set the TV on mute.  Ron wasn't bothered by how loud I had it, but I could hear it perfectly.  I like that little device.

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