Monday, July 4, 2016

July 3 & 4, 2016

I Love Long Weekends!
July 3 & 4, 2016

Baby Chachalaca
Sunday School yesterday was a good time of our group sharing the study of God's Word.  We had almost everyone there except for one couple that was out of town and a couple of others out.  After I picked Mom up for the worship service, I told her I was going to be out in the vestibule for the service, but I had a headache that just got worse and worse and I had Ron bring me home.  I went to sleep and woke up at 3:30 without the headache.

I spent the rest of the afternoon doing a little cleaning and some sewing.  I read for a while.  Ron did a lot of work in the yard and I was out there off and on, but I did not stay out long.  It was very hot and humid.  I spent time making chicken salad for us and for Ron's mom.
New quilt pattern, Crosswalk, that I am working on.
This morning, Monday morning, Ron came home from his mom's early and woke me up so we could go to a birthday breakfast for a friend.  There was a nice turn out of friends on this holiday morning at 7:45!  We met at Rudy's and they had made arrangements to have Rudy's warm some cinnamon rolls for us.  Most of us ordered breakfast tacos and then had the cinnamon rolls. There were very few others in the place at that hour on a holiday, but a couple of firemen had come in and the lady hosting the group served cinnamon rolls to them and the few other customers who were there.

During the party, I had clipped my wireless Cochlear mini mic on the birthday lady who was sitting beside me (on my deaf side).  Ron had gotten a phone call and came over to tell me something.  I could not hear him and told him I thought it was just all the conversation at the table.  We stepped away from the table, but of course, my friend still had on the microphone.  As I have mentioned before, when someone has the mic on, it limits my ability to hear others.  I finally realized what was going on so I got the mic from my friend.
Mama Chachalaca
What Ron was trying to tell me was that he had gotten a call that his mom was having a nose bleed and he was going to check on her.  Since she is on blood thinners, that can be a more urgent problem than my nose bleeds.  He left and while gone texted me a couple of times to say she was still bleeding.  I texted a couple of suggestions, one of them being to call the visiting nurse who checks on her.

Eventually I had to ask some friends for a ride home, but it gave them a chance to see the zinnia garden.  I had cut a bunch this morning and taken an arrangement to my friend.  The couple who brought me home could not believe the height of the zinnias. 

Eventually Ron came home and said that his mother's helper had arrived and been able to get the nose bleed stopped for his mom.  Ron spent the day working in the yard and I took a nap and then did some cleaning and sewing again.  I enjoyed watching the bird activity in the yard this afternoon.  I was able to get some photos of the little chachalaca chick. 
Baby Chachalaca
I had made a large bowl of the chicken salad yesterday so I could send some to Ron's mom.  She had eaten some yesterday and enjoyed it.  I think she should have enough for a couple more meals.  I have been eating that yesterday and today.  Ron got cleaned up after all the yard work and then got a call his mother was having another nose bleed, but her helper was there and again had gotten it stopped. 

Other than these nose bleeds that Ron's mother had today, she has been doing very well in the 10 days she has been home.  She is delighted to be in her own home.  She is able to be up and around to meet her basic needs.  She is sleeping well, eating well, and not having breathing problems.  We are thankful  for that.  The helper will take her to the doctor in the morning about the nose bleeds and the blood thinner.

There have been a few beautiful fireworks visible from my sewing room window this evening.  I miss going to see big displays, but that wasn't possible this evening.  We don't need fireworks to celebrate and appreciate the freedom that America has been able to enjoy for so long.  Those freedoms seem to be disappearing at an alarming rate these days and I pray that people will be praying and seeking God's wisdom, between now and the election time in the fall and vote wisely in order for America to continue to be the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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