Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July 20, 2016

Flower Delivery Service
July 20, 2016

This morning I checked on the baby dove and he is still in the front yard, on the sidewalk.  He seemed content in the shade near the porch.  I have not tried to catch him.  I could not care for him and he seems to be doing OK.

On the way to the office, I stopped by my mom's house and Ron's mom's house to deliver arrangements of zinnias.  Both were up and dressed and ready for the day.  Ron's mom is looking very good.  She said she would be having physical therapy later today.  I had another arrangement to take to the office.  I had taken 2 there on Monday - one for one of the counters and one for my office.  Today I put the new one on the other counter.  Customers have been enjoying them.

At the office, Ron had several projects  to work on and I worked some on clearing my desk after the last couple of weeks of messing it up.  I did get receipts stapled to the credit card bills for the last three months.

After work we met our friends for supper and had a good visit, but the place was more crowded than usual for mid-week.  It was noisy, but the food was excellent and it was a good break in our week.  

From there Ron went to check on his mom and I went to the office supply store for a few odds and ends.  The clerk was so soft spoken I really had difficulty hearing her and had to have her repeat everything. 

Back at home, I spent just a little time in the yard and found that the little dove is still in the front yard.  It was in the grass instead of on the sidewalk and was not as afraid of me.  It looked alert and calm.  There were dead worms on the sidewalk so I expect one of the adult birds had been bringing food.

I spent the evening watching the Republican Convention on TV.  Again there were some excellent speakers.  I did not watch all of it, but caught a lot of it.  I also talked to our son in San Antonio.  They just got back from a short vacation and it was good to hear about their trip.

I started cutting out the inner border for a quilt on the design wall.  I have the outer border about half done.  

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