Thursday, July 28, 2016

July 28, 2016

Back To Work
July 28, 2016

The zinnia patch early this morning.
Today I went back to work after being with our grandchildren the last few days.  Ron had kept things running at the office, but there were a lot of little things I needed to take care of and still a few more to do tomorrow.  Before going to the office, I cut zinnias since Ron had not cut them while I was out of town.  There were 200 to be gathered and by the time I finished, I was hot and sweaty.  Yuck - no way to start the day.
The bees were enjoying it and I had 
to check each flower before I picked it.
I took the flowers to the office and arranged them in my office since I didn't have time to do it before going to work.  I wished for granddaughters to help me.  I made 9 arrangements in all.  Ron took one to his mom and then I took one by Mom's house, picked up two prescriptions for her and then one for me at the drugstore across the intersection.  I picked up my lunch, took Mom's medications to her and returned to the office.
Ron picked up my camera while I was in the zinnia patch.
I looked up to see  him taking photos.
All day, I had an upset stomach, so as much as I hated to do it, I turned down Ron's offer to take me out to supper.  I headed home a few minutes early and made a stop to get milk and bread before coming home. 
My mom's arrangement today
During the afternoon when it wasn't busy at the shop, Ron and I were chatting and letting each other know what had gone on while we were apart.  If you recall, back in the beginning when they first activated my Cochlear Implant, the audiologist told me I needed to ask someone when I could not identify a sound, so my brain could learn what it was.  When I was at our son's home, I was napping on the couch and kept being awakened by a loud noise.  It sounded like the children were rearranging the furniture.  I went upstairs to find them playing quietly with Hot Wheels cars.

So, I asked them if they had heard a loud noise.  They had not.  I returned to the couch where I was napping and about the time I went back to sleep, it started again.  One of the kids was walking through the room and I asked again about the sound.  They said it was the dog barking.  I never would have guessed!
The rest of the evening, I spent time just reading and relaxing.  I had a very light supper.  Late in the evening I talked to our daughter-in-law in New Mexico.  She has a bad cold and is feeling yucky.  So sorry that she is having that just when her knee was getting better. 

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