Sunday, July 10, 2016

July 10, 2016

An Outstanding Sunday 
with Family
July 10, 2016

Children's Choir introducing the theme 
song for the week of Vacation Bible School

Last night I was up late house cleaning since I had ignored it for so long.  I was having family over for lunch.  We had our son Jeff and his family (7 children and his wife), Ron's brother and sister-in-law, and my mom and my sister, Janet.  That made 15 for lunch.  Our Sunday School class was faithful in their attendance and only a very few were out today.  The church service was well filled and the sermon was excellent. 
Decor in the auditorium
As soon as the service was finished, Ron and I left and made a quick stop at the grocery store to pick up a few things I needed for lunch.  Everyone arrived about 2:00 for lunch and it was delicious.  We had a good time visiting and it was a relaxing meal. 
Submarine for VBS.  
Theme: Submerged and going deep into God's Word 
After serving ice cream (Blue Bell of course), Ron and I took the two younger girls out to see the zinnia garden.  The oldest girl had gone to the church to work on things for Vacation Bible School which was starting this evening.  Our youngest granddaughter is 4 years old and tall for her age.  Many of the zinnias were taller than she is.
What fun to cut it all by herself
We cut 103 flowers today and that put the count from this patch at over 1,025.  The middle child in the family is middle of all the children and middle of the girls. (the child below) She first was more fascinated with the unique detail in the flowers and the little differences in them.  She pulled out her camera to get photos of them.  Then the three of us started cutting them.
Today's flowers were large and lovely.
When we brought them in, the youngest and I made two arrangements for Mom to take to two friends in the rehab hospital.  Then she and I made two others; one was long stemmed zinnias and one was short stemmed zinnias. All four arrangements looked great and she had fun working on them. 
 My young photographer.

Then the middle child came in from watching the birds from the sewing room windows and she made two lovely arrangements.  One is pinks, purples, white, and yellow zinnias and the other was reds, oranges, and yellows.
Selecting and cutting the flowers
Before long it was time for them to all to get ready for Vacation Bible School.  Six of the seven children are going to be here for VBS.  The oldest son went home with his parents and he was playing the special music tonight at their church in McAllen.  He is a gifted, well trained pianist and was being accompanied by a flute, violin, and another instrument, but I forgot what instrument. 
The fun of cutting flowers.  Her shirt went well with the flowers.
The second oldest son will be staying at my mom's and helping in VBS.  The remaining five will stay at their other grandmother's house for a couple of days and then at our house for a couple of days before going home Friday night after the closing night of VBS.
Entering the craft and snack area
Many in the church have put a lot of work into the decorations for the week.  All of them look amazing.  I know all of the children who attend will have a great week in store.
Detailed work done on the decorating
Ron and I  took the kids to the church and then came home to a quiet house.  I napped for just a few minutes, but that is fine because I need to be able to go to sleep tonight since I need to be at the office early tomorrow.
The craft area for VBS
As far as hearing, I went out into the vestibule of the church during the sermon and with the wire from my sound processor to the little radio I use, I could hear better out there.  At the table at lunch I did better than usual and maybe it was having the children all in the other room and they are all getting old enough not to come in every minute or two to ask a question, or say they aren't hungry.  The one who usually
eats the least had me serve his plate generously and he at very well.
One of the arrangements
It was a good day all around, but I will be in bed early tonight.
The zinnias were taller than she is.

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