Monday, July 25, 2016

July 24, 2016

A Super Sunday
July 24, 2016

What a mess this Green Jay is after 
taking a bath in the bird bath.

This Sunday was a great day.  I got up this morning to get ready for Sunday School and church.  Blueberry Muffins were the breakfast of choice and so I worked in the kitchen while the oven heated and then while they baked.  They were worth the wait. 

We had good attendance in Sunday School and an excellent lesson.  There were a couple of visitors and we are always glad to see new faces.
Great Kiskadee
Church was a special treat.  A young man (compared to us) shared how we can have a deeper relationship with the Lord through sharing our faith with others.  He and his family have served in several countries as missionaries.  The examples of God opening and closing doors was very hopeful in this world that sometimes seems upside down. 
After church we picked up lunch and again, Ron took lunch to his Mom while I ate mine and then got a nap.  As I have done a few times lately, it was a good nap but now I can't get to sleep. I have to be up in a few hours.

Once I was up I saw a note that Ron had gone to a meeting at the church.  I cut flowers and then went to Mom's to pick up our grandson's Ipod that he had left there recently.  Ron had gotten gas in my car, so I didn't have to do that.

I have packed to go to our son's for 3 days to care for the grandchildren while our daughter-in-law visits her dad with her sister.  The sister is a teacher and this is the last good chance before school starts.

This morning I had planned to go in the vestibule for the preaching, but instead ended up way in the back of the auditorium and did OK there.  There are several groups here this week to work in town, doing Vacation Bible Schools and other  activities.  They were all a little late for church and came in filling empty spots.  My row was almost empty, so I moved so they could have the row and went to the back.  Using my raido and the hookup, I heard well.
Funny thing happened this morning.  During Sunday School I had gone to the auditorium for a few minutes and noticed that the lawn sprinklers in one area were on, spraying water onto the sidewalk most people use to enter the auditorium.  It took a while to find someone who knew how to turn them off. 

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