Friday, July 5, 2013

Adjusting to Normal Noises

Adjusting to Normal Noises
Friday,  July 5, 2013

Together Ron and I agreed I would stay home today.  He better watch out; I like being home!  I had a couple of sleepless hours in the middle of the night so was able to sleep a little later than usual - 8:30. 

New routines will gradually be established as I adjust to going from deaf overnight to hearing during the day (when wearing the sound processor and coil).  As I mentioned, those pieces go in the dryer unit overnight and will be put on in the morning after my hair is dry.  Since Ron had already left for work, I took my time fixing breakfast and then washing and drying my hair. 

The audiologist mentioned that the first thing in the morning when the sound processor and coil are put on, it is similar to when you wake in the morning and turn the light on and immediately close your yes against the bright glare.  When first hearing in the mornings, everything sounds really loud to me!  It takes a few minutes to adjust.  Sherri (the audiologist) really encouraged me to wear the unit all day.  There are times it is tempting to take it off and "enjoy" the silence by choice, but I am leaving it on.  Today I tried to follow speech on the TV and had mixed results.  Some shows (usually the news) were fairly easy to follow, but voices all sound rather high.  Movies are harder.

Last night I watched part of the movie The Music Man (one of my favorite movies) and I may have much of the script memorized.  The very familiar songs, 76 Trombones for example almost sounded natural, but the less familiar songs were not pleasant. 

I went in the yard a couple of times and enjoyed the birds.  I enjoyed watching them from the sewing room.  This Golden-fronted Woodpecker had been up in the tree pecking away before he headed down for the orange I had provided.  I detected his pecking.

Later in the day I didn't hear this oriole, but saw him as he stepped out of the birdbath and was able to snap a quick photo.  He is probably a Hooded Oriole.  He had fully enjoyed his bath and I enjoyed the quick glimpse of him.

After Ron got off work we joined friends at Luby's Cafeteria for supper.  I struggled with the noisy situation but am not sure why.  There were not many people there but I had a loud constant noise going on.  Not sure if the device was picking up the air-conditioning or if it was a "noise in my head".  I could hear the man across the table fairly well, but the lady next to me was more of a challenge.  Voices do sound higher than they really are so that may have been the problem.

From there we went to Sears and the to Wal-Mart for groceries.  I did not have a problem with the loud noise either place, so it will take further experimenting to figure this all out.  I can adjust the volume level on the device and did turn it down a significant amount. 

When we got home, Bob and Vickey called.  On the phone I am to hold the phone to the microphones on the sound processor.  Right now that doesn't work since I can't hold the phone in my left hand due to the broken elbow.  I put the phone on speaker and we managed, but don't want to do much of that.  Again, Bob (with his lower voice) was easier to understand than Vickey and came closer to sounding natural.  If I had not known it was them calling, I am not sure if I would have recognized Vickey's voice.

I did wear the device all day and it was a good day.  The hardest thing was in the cafeteria for supper.  Time will tell what the problem is there and what I can do about it.  For not having done much today, I am exhausted!


  1. It is exhausting trying to sort out all the conversations & noises. That was Ralph's greatest challenge with being able to hear "normally" again. He would end up exhausted & with a headache from hearing all the new sounds he had never had to deal with before. Hang in there!!! Hands together!!! You've come this far & you have the end result in sight!!!

    1. Thank you, Dottie. Just what I needed to hear tonight. I am exhausted. It takes full concentration to listen. I know it will get better in time, but it does cause tension headaches. The only way it will get better is to USE IT! LISTEN all the time. If I concentrate on the TV news, I can understand it. The movies are another story. It will just take time, patience, and practice.