Thursday, July 4, 2013

Amazing Test Results Today, Part 2

Amazing Test Results Today!
 Part 2
Wednesday, July 3, 2013

This blog posting will cover the second half of July 3, since I was too exhausted last night to finish the posting.  This is more about our celebratory mood.  You may discover that our ways of celebrating differ from many other people's.  We rarely choose to go out for a fancy meal.  We don't drink wine; Dr. Pepper works for me and coffee for Ron.  We delight in the familiar sharing of the things we each enjoy - sometimes things we both enjoy and sometimes seeing the other enjoy one of their chosen activities.  So our trip home took longer than usual as we made several stops for those types of activities.

As I mentioned at the close of last night's blog, we first went to a Christian book store.  I selected some Christian fiction books from their sale rack and a few greeting cards from my favorite series.  Ron picked up a couple of things.  Ron went to a sporting goods store for a new camouflage hat.  Next we went to a plant nursery we had found recently and spent $10 on some plants.  When Ron was growing up one of his grandmothers had washtubs filled with "moss rose" on her porch and that plant brings happy memories to him.  So that is what we bought.

After getting gas, we started home.  Traffic stacked up several times between Houston and Sugarland.  A few weeks ago I had received a James Avery catalog and they had several items I liked.  I wanted to select one that would be a reminder of this time.  I found one found what for me was the perfect choice.  You may recall an earlier blog where I mentioned  my eagerness to hear the songs of the different birds.  We went to the James Avery Jewelry store in the mall in Sugarland and bought that lovely ring I had admired  - it has a sweet little bird on it.
After leaving the mall, we again headed home.  Next stop was The Cracker Barrel in Richmond where I got a small package of Malted Milk Balls.  Then we headed across the freeway to Chick-fil-A which would prove to be quicker than eating at Cracker Barrel.  Next stop was The Cedar Chest Quilt shop in El Campo where I bought 5 small pieces of fabric (known to quilters as "fat quarters").  Before long, as we headed toward Victoria, we encountered a heavy rain.  In Texas in the summer, that alone is cause for celebration!
The rain stopped while when we got to the Rest Stop and started as we left.  Ron stopped at another shop in the middle of nowhere to look for things, but came out empty handed.  In Robstown we stopped at Bill Miller Bar-B-Q for some brisket to bring home for today's meals.  Even though it was supper time, we each got a Breakfast Brisket Taco for the road. 

From there on it was non-stop to home.  We turned a 6 hour trip into 9 hours and enjoyed it all. 
Once in Brownsville there was a quick stop at Walgreens for milk and bread and a package of moleskin to use in a spot where the sound processor rubs on my ear.

It was an amazing trip.  By the time we got home Ron said his throat was hurting from talking so much.  We were exhausted.  I am still not sleeping real well, but I think a lot of it is tension and should get better soon.  My broken elbow still causes some problems, but they are minor. 

We want to thank all of you for your prayers and assorted other helps.  I will continue this blog as I continue to adjust to the sounds that I hear.  Although I understand a lot of speech,  I don't understand it all.  I will still need to practice daily.  I hope some of the "extra" sounds that I hear, go away soon.  Things are so much easier in a hearing world when I can hear along with everyone else.  I have still not tried the phone and may not for a few days. 

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