Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wonderful Visit
July 17, 2013

The day started with a peek out the window to see if it had rained.  It had!  It rained much of the day and I opened a window to enjoy the sound of the rain in the yard.

Again today, I spent the day at the house.  I had a good day.  I got some cooking done, some cleaning, and some laundry.  Our guests arrived late afternoon and it was so good to see Henning (our former foreign exchange student from Denmark) after all these years.  His wife is delightful and his children are very kind, well behaved, and good looking!

Henning's youngest daughter speaks no English at all, but our grand daughters had no trouble playing with her as they ran through the house making noises to each other that none of us could identify.  They had a great time and there were lots of hugs all around at the end of the evening as Jeff's family headed home following supper and visiting.

My hearing worked pretty well (except when the battery went dead in the middle of supper).  I had some trouble understanding them, but not too much.  Again, I was  more bothered by other surrounding noises, like the air conditioner and the dishwasher.  It occurred to me yesterday that I had bought a special Quiet model dishwasher and it really was quiet - until I had my Cochlear Implant surgery.  So I suspect it was always a little noisy and I just never heard it. 
Henning was sharing some photos with Jeff and Barb.  It was good to hear how well his family is doing in their work and community.
Here, his wife and oldest daughter are enjoying dessert, while his daughter is looking for some photos on their computer to share with us.   
We had a wonderful supper.  The food was great and the visiting was even better.  Henning's wife speaks English very well.  He had not mentioned whether or not she could speak English.  He had said the two older children had taken English in school.  They struggle some, but get by.  As bedtime approached, Henning's wife said they would need another bed for the girls.  I wondered what could be wrong with the ones I had for them.  She took me in their room and the girls had filled the beds with dolls and stuffed animals like my grand daughters do, leaving no room for sleepy girls.  Some things are the same all over the world!  Actually my grand daughters may have helped our visitors get all the dolls and stuffed animals to bed before they went home. 

I am so thankful that the hearing is good enough for me to manage the visit.  I know there were things I missed, but I sure got a lot.  God is good. 


  1. So glad the first day went so well. I know you were a little concerned. Praying for the rest of the time they will be there.

    1. The entire visit could not have been better! So much fun! Thanks. The prayers were answered.