Saturday, July 6, 2013

Soothing Saturday

Soothing Saturday
Saturday,  July 6, 2013

Ron and I did the grocery shopping last night and I forgot I wanted to have my hair cut today, so I ended up not leaving the house all day.  That is not all bad, but I did have a couple of things I would have done if I had been able to drive.  Keep in mind the driving restriction is due to the broken elbow, not the hearing problems.

As has become my practice, I was up early so I would be sure to be awake before our housekeeper arrived.  She was delighted to know that I could hear her.  Since she works for Ron's mom every day, she knew I had experienced good results, but she enjoyed chatting.  She has been praying a lot for me, as have so many others.  During the late morning, I turned on the TV to practice listening.  I am doing fairly well with the TV news (I watch Fox News and they have several anchor people who speak very clearly).  It does take complete concentration to understand them.  Right now I have the news on in the background as they cover the airplane crash in San Francisco and I catch words off and on.  If I stop typing and listen, I will get almost all of it.

As I mentioned earlier, voices all sound high pitched.  Male voices are easier to understand in general, but if the person speaks distinctly and a little slowly, I can normally make it out.  This will take time and practice. 

This afternoon, I took the device off and got a good nap.  Ron had spent part of that time working in the yard and taking out the trunk of an old tree.  When I got from my nap he proudly showed me the large section of the stump that he was ready to haul to the brush pile.  Poor guy.  I had other ideas.  I thought it would work great to hold some of my potted plants!  So he struggled and wrestled that heavy trunk to the back yard and set it up.  I need to re-pot some of these plants, but this gives you an idea of what I am talking about.
I know he wishes it had already been in the brush pile before I got up from my nap.  I like it!  I just need to get a few new pots for transplanting the plants.  He got the back yard mowed for me.  That is usually my job, but I can't push the mower yet.  It would be hard to do one-handed.

Mostly the day has been spent reading and listening to some assorted TV programs.  I need to get some things next week for dedicated practice on the listening. 

Oh, we have a possibility of rain in the forecast for the next two days and I sure hope we get it.  I will open a window and sit there listening to the rain.  All of us in our family love keeping track of the weather and we love rain storms.  I know that some of you are in parts of the country where rain storms can bring really rough weather, but I am talking about just a good soaking rain, with thunder and some lightening.  We need rain here, but also I am eager to just sit and listen to the falling rain and the rolling thunder.  Bring it on!  I want to HEAR it!

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