Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Birds Are Really Loud!

The Birds Are Really Loud!
Saturday,  July 13, 2013

People have asked where yesterday's blog was.  Well, it was not a very eventful day and yet I was tired.  There was little to share and less energy for sharing it.  Catch up time!

Yesterday, I went to the office.  Most Friday mornings my husband meets our son Jeff for breakfast at a local coffee shop which is owned my our son's mother-in-law.  In order to go to the office with Ron, I needed to be ready early, and go to breakfast with them.  It was an enjoyable time.  Our oldest grandson was also there since he was going to spend the day at our office.  As I have mentioned, it is nice to be able to hear a waitress and give proper answers when placing an order.

We headed to the office and it wasn't a very busy day.  My grandson and I did a little cleaning and organizing.  I did fine with the few customers I helped during the day.  Yea!  That is so important to our business.

For supper we met our friends and had a nice visit, but the corner table we chose turned out to be rather noisy.  We will continue to look for the quietest spot in our favorite cafeteria.  The man we were with also has some hearing problems of his own, and he had been in the hearing aide office during the week and saw a chart that showed him how the Cochlear Implant is "implanted".  He said he finally understood what they had done to me.  He had enjoyed seeing my previous posting with all the photos of the equipment.

Today I managed to get myself up in time for my housekeeper to come.  What a blessing it was to have her here since we are expecting house guests this week and there is no way I could clean a bathtub with the elbow situation.  I am always thankful for her help, but some days I really need it!  This was one of them.

Ron took me to get my haircut.  My hairdresser is a lovely young lady and she has been taking care of my hair for years but we have been very limited in communications since my January hearing loss.  Today when I arrived I had the Cochlear equipment on so we were able to chat.  I showed her where it attaches and we talked about ways to help keep it covered with the hair.  (At the mall a few days ago, a lady was following me around staring at me and I think the sound processor and coil must have been uncovered and she couldn't figure out what that was on my head.)  Anyway, my hairdresser brought me a book and showed me a slightly different style that may work a little better, but my hair will have to grow out a little on the sides. 

While she trimmed my hair, I had removed the equipment, but I could still talk to her - I could not hear her, but she could hear me.  I told her about breaking my elbow a few hours after the last time she had cut my hair.  Her daughter who is about 9 years old was there and came over to show me her scar where she damaged her elbow about 10 months ago while playing on a trampoline.  We compared scars and she was shocked at how much bigger mine was than hers.   We had a good time comparing injuries after my haircut was finished and I had my sound processor back on.  I reminded the little girl that our church was starting Vacation Bible School tomorrow evening and she said she had already gotten a call about it.  They don't attend our church, but the little girl always comes to VBS at our church.  She said she would be there.

Oh, I forgot to tell you a sound I heard last night!  After we got home from supper, Ron decided to remove a dead tree in the front yard.  It was going to have to fall into the street when it came down, and he wanted to do it while traffic was light.  He didn't want me out there while he cut it, but from inside the house, I could hear when it hit the ground.  He hauled part of it to the brush pile last night, but worked on the rest of it today.

Today I was in the back yard several times.  I could not believe how loud all the bird chatter is out there.  They aren't really singing at this time.  They are probably telling me to go in the house so they can enjoy the food and the bird baths.  Did I mention that they are really loud?  If you have ever been in an aviary at a zoo, that is similar to the sounds in the yard.  I was amazed!  Ron said it had always bothered him that I had all these feeders out there but I couldn't enjoy their sounds.  Now I can!  I doubt I could connect any of the birds to the various sounds yet, but in time I bet I will be able to do it.

Ron worked on a variety of projects in the yard and I worked on cleaning the windows in the sewing room so I can be able to take bird photos more easily.  Speaking of Ron, he has been taking excellent care of all my bird feeders and the hanging baskets.  He is doing a better job than I ever did.  I am wondering if he would like to keep that job.

Late in the afternoon our daughter-in-law, Barbara, brought our oldest grandson over so that he could help me with a few projects.  He cleaned off a paved area in the back yard and then helped his grandpa set up a new water feature.  They got it up and working and then my grandson moved some stepping stones for me.  Even my grandson was amazed by all the birds chattering in the yard.  It was just fun to be out there and to not only hear the birds, and the assorted water features, but the laughter of my grandson as he helped lighten our load.

Here is the finished project of the new water feature and the stepping stones that our grandson moved for me.  As he worked, I wandered around the yard, listening to the birds and trying to spot the noisy ones.  A few times I was able to, but not always.  I took a few more photos of the flowers and enjoyed the time.

A couple of indoor chores allowed us all to cool down and then we took our grandson home.  How precious that as soon as his siblings knew he was there they came running to the car to say "hi" to us before we could drive away, and how priceless to be able to hear those sweet little voices.  We are so blessed!  It is an added blessing to be able to hear them!


  1. The two things I prayed for--that you would be able to hear your grandkids and the birds! God is so good!!

    1. Thanks for the prayers, Tiny. It was important to Ron that I be able to hear the birds. I could hear them a little, but had no idea how loud they were and how many there were in the trees. Of course it is a treat to hear the grandkids without having to ask multiple times what they said. Yes, God is good.