Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thunder and Rain!
Wednesday,  July 10, 2013

Thinking about today, I was tempted to borrow the title of a song from my high school years; it would fit so well - Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain.  It was recorded by several of the groups that were popular in the early 1960s, but I am not sure of the actual date of the original release.  Ron came into my office at one point and motioned for me to follow him.  (I guess he has forgotten I can now hear.)  He took me outside and asked me to listen.  All I could hear was the traffic noise.  He said there was thunder.  I walked back to the alley to get further from the loud traffic in front of the shop.  I heard a little of it, but if I had not known what it was, I would have missed it.

About 30 minutes later, rain began falling, and falling, and blowing.  I enjoyed taking a few photos and listening to the beautiful sound of the much needed rain.  Then the thunder got closer and intensified.  Now I could really hear it, but it didn't sound like thunder!  It sounded like one of our key machines that cuts steel keys.  It wasn't the best sound, but it was great to be hearing the thunder.

About the time the thunder got loud enough from me to really hear (even though it sounded strange) we lost power at the office.  With no electricity, we can not cut keys.  Few people venture out in the pouring rain for a duplicate key, but when they do, they expect us to be able to take care of them.  It was a slow afternoon since our corner floods and people don't want to wade in.  The news said we got a little over 2 inches of rain!  Yea!  We really needed the it.

 When the street out front floods, some people think it is really "cool" to cause a big spray by driving through at a high speed.  When they do, it sends waves into the office and we get to mop the floors.  But as much as we needed the rain, we didn't complain today, Ron just got out a couple of the sand bags and put them outside the front door and that took care of most of the problem.

 This morning I went to the office with Ron and worked on an assortment of stacks in my office.  I threw away a lot of out of date catalogs and other equally exciting chores.  I waited on a few customers, but Ron was able to take care of most of them.  I try to relieve some of the pressures on him as I can, but again became aware of an area where I can't yet help.  When the power went out, I couldn't call the power company to report it.  Eventually, I may be able to do that, but they aren't sure I will really be able to do the phone.  At home I have an amplified phone, but not here at the office, and I use it on speaker.

After work Ron had a job at the mall so I went with him and wandered around a little while he worked.  It was a treat to run into my daughter-in-law Barbara, and our youngest grandson, along with Barbara's sister.  They were shoe shopping.  I looked as I wandered, but left empty handed.  By the time Ron finished it was after 7:30, so we went to Luby's Cafeteria for supper.  Again, the sound processor picked what I think is some air-conditioner noise (even though this was a different Luby's from the one last week where the same noise was a problem), but we sill did OK chatting.

It was after 8:00 when we headed home and we had left the house at 8:00 this morning.  I told Ron that I don't like 12 hour days!  So, I think I will stay home tomorrow and go in all day Friday when my grandson will be there. 

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