Thursday, July 4, 2013

Relax, Unwind, and Rest

Relax, Unwind, and Rest
Thursday,  July 4, 2013

Ron and I are so thankful that the timing of my activation on the Cochlear Implant was followed by a holiday.  Neither of us were ready to head to the office today and I am not sure I am going tomorrow.  I slept later today than usual - 7:30.  The external parts of the Cochlear Implant need to be protected somewhat from moisture.  They are water-resistant but every night are put in a drying unit to remove any moisture buildup.  I got my hair washed and dried so I could put the sound processor and coil on.  Without those I am deaf.  When I go to bed at night I put those items in the dryer and am deaf until morning.

Ron managed to sleep a bit longer than I did, until he smelled biscuits cooking, I think.  He went out and took care of the yard: hanging baskets, ponds, and birdbaths.  After breakfast and kitchen clean up, I was ready to sit down at the computer and work on the second part  of yesterday's story. 

Around 10:45 our daughter-in-law Barbara texted that she and Jeff were out running errands with their two youngest children and would it be ok to come by.  Of course, it would be super!  While we waited for them to arrive, I became aware that even with the house closed up and the air conditioning on, I could hear a bird singing outside.  Ron raised a window and I could hear the spray in the birdbath. 

Jeff and Barb arrived with the baby and their youngest son while the older children were at art classes.   Their youngest son had learned to speak into my amplifier and I was surprised that he just came to me expecting me to hear.  I told him that I didn't have to use the amplifier anymore and he said, "Yeah, I know."  Ahhh, kids!  He enjoyed having the toy room to himself while his little sister played with the baby dolls. 
I had not ever really heard the baby talk.  She started talking after I lost my hearing.  Today I could hear her "chatter" but couldn't really make out what she was saying, but others assured me that they struggled to understand her as well.  I did hear her most common utterance, "Mom, Mom". 


It was good to see them and to converse with Jeff and Barb with less struggle.  Barb talks  a little faster than I hear, but in time it will all become clear.  I decided I really needed a photo of Barb in this shirt.  She must be  Wonder Woman to be able to care for the seven wonderful children that they have and to keep that smile on her face.  She home schools the five oldest of the children.

After they left, I finished and posted Part 2 of the blog I had been working on earlier.  I caught up on some Facebook posts and had a brief chat on line with a young friend serving our country far away in Afghanistan.  Some how, that seemed appropriate for this Independence Day.  Here he is serving far from home, far from his wife and baby daughter, and that seems to be pretty much a summary of what has been done through the years to keep our country free.  Young men have put their country first and gone to keep our freedom "free" or to help other struggling countries obtain that freedom.   Thank you to all of those who are serving now, or who have served our country in the past. 
Then it was time for a nap.  I didn't even fix lunch, but instead slept until 4:30.  Ron had been out in the back yard while I slept, varnishing a board for a bench in the back yard and working on taking out a dead tree.  I think he over did!  He was exhausted and very sore when he finally quit and came in for a break.  It is overcast and  cooler this evening and he hates to not get some things done while it is nice outside.
I had a little of that brisket we picked up in Robstown last night and then went out and cut back a couple of bushes.  I potted a couple of the plants we bought in Houston.  One went in this little planter of an old pickup truck that we got on one our previous trips up state.  There are still several of the plants to transplant into larger pots.  Little by little we are getting things done.  I think Ron has really enjoyed his time in the back yard in the mornings as he has cared for my plants.  He keeps suggesting things to add.
Today, I tried the television for the first time with my new ability to hear.  I had varied results.  On a news channel I was able to understand one anchor lady very well, but the on-the-scene reporter was a little more of a challenge.  Watching and listening to an old movie (a musical) was not too bad.  Actually the music sounded fairly good; the old songs were ones that I was familiar with and I am sure that helped. 


  1. Finally got caught up reading your blogs. Not much computer time after Gary's accident and comingnto Clarendon for the 4th. Couldn't help shedding tears of joy for you and Ron. I can just imagine your hearing sweet Sara's voice and the birds singing in your back yard! I'm praising God for answering our prayers. Love you and hoping we can get together soon.

    1. Tiny, all those sounds are a blessing. I am looking forward to a visit from you, and know it will be a much better visit than we would have had back in March when you first planned to come.