Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Praise God...I Can Hear!!!

 Praise God for Answered Prayers!!! 
 I Can Hear!!!
Thank You, Dr. Chang!!!
Tuesday,  July 2, 2013

What an amazing day this has been!  My Cochlear Implant was activated and immediately I was able to understand speech.  It is not R2D2 or Alvin from the Chipmunks.  I could very clearly hear the audiologist and then my husband.  Did their speech sound normal?  Almost.  The voices were recognizable, but there are added beeps and whistles, and echos.  It dawned on me a few minutes ago that one of the added sounds mimics a little bell on a tricycle.  They tell me these will go away as my brain learns to deal with them.  They are already better than they were this morning.

Doctor Joseph Chang did an excellent job on my surgery.  There are many people along the way who have had a part in this success, but the main thanks goes to Dr. Chang and God, and my Grand daughter Rachel who never gave up asking God to "please let Grandma hear".  The faith of a child.  Over the years, others have also prayed for my hearing to be restored.  I know my mom has, as well a friend in Houston named Jan, who has often told me that she was asking God to allow me to hear.  For months now, many of you have joined in that prayer request.  My thanks to all of you!  God has heard those prayers and answered the prayers in a way not envisioned by many of those who have prayed the longest.  Dr. Chang is an outstanding surgeon and has been used by a loving God to allow me to hear in a different way than I used to hear. 

God's answer came in a way that allowed me to sit at the dining table tonight in the home of our friends the Reeds and have the most normal conversation we have had in over 5 years.  We have known the Reeds since our sons met in Singing Cadets at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.  God has used this couple to supply many needs in our lives.  They make us feel so at home in their lovely, comfortable home.  Here is John making coffee for Ron.

Linda Reed is cleaning the kitchen after she served us one of her amazing meals.  This couple ministers not only to us, but to countless others.  God gifted them that way.  Thank you, John and Linda for pouring out your gift of hospitality on us.  You use it well.  You will never know what you have meant to us.

I awoke about 4:00 this morning and could not get back to sleep.  Out came my Kindle and I read for a while.  We left early and stopped at a Shipley's Donut Shop for breakfast before heading to the Houston Ear Research Foundation.  This is not the doctor's office, but it provides services to the hearing impaired.  Our audiologist came out to the waiting room and took our suitcase back to her office to prepare some items before taking us with her. 

After we joined her, we talked a few minutes and then she put the external parts in place and activated the Cochlear Implant.  First she did a hearing test to determine the levels she should use for the settings.  Then she did a few minutes of programing before trying actual speech on the device.  She speaks very clearly and at a comfortable speed.  I was at once able to understand what she was saying.  As I mentioned, there were extra beeps, whistles, bells, and echos, but I understood her!

Next, she told Ron it was time for him to speak to me.  She turned me to face him and said she would leave the room for a few minutes while he talked to me alone.  How kind is that?  As he began to talk to me and I would respond, it became clear to him that I could understand him and tears started flowing down his cheeks.  I took this photo after he had wiped them away, but he was unable to wipe this grin off his face.  You think he may still love me after 48 years?
What a precious time that was!  As I mentioned a couple of months ago in this blog, it was what my hearing loss did to those I love that hurt me the most.  Several times today he has said how much it meant to him to be able to have a normal conversation with me.  As I have also mentioned, when I can't hear, I talk too loudly.  He said it was nice to hear me speak in a normal voice. 

The audiologist, Sherri, then spent the next couple of hours going over all the equipment in the suitcase, telling us what each item would do and how to care for it.  She was astounded at how well I was doing and we got way ahead of schedule since she was not having to repeat things.  Sherri is a well trained, kind, thoughtful lady.  We got a lot accomplished.  We will return tomorrow for more programming and hearing tests.  I can tell I have adjusted a lot during the day and tomorrow, she will make adjustments in the programming to reflect those changes.

After leaving Sherri's office about 11:30, we headed across town and stopped for lunch.  The place seemed noisy to me but I could still understand much that was said.  After relaxing a bit, we headed to Dr, Chang's office. 

Dr. Chang himself came to the waiting room to call us in for my appointment.  He was delighted and excited that I heard his greeting to me.  He had difficulty believing I had heard his question  correctly about when the implant had been activated when I told him "3 hours ago."  He looked at Ron for confirmation, and Ron told him that was correct.  I did struggle some of the time to hear him because he is very soft spoken.  I told him about my blog and he asked if he could refer other potential surgery candidates to me.  I told him I would be delighted to do that.  He examined my surgery site and said I don't need to see him again.

We ran a few errands including a stop at one of our suppliers for the shop and visited as well as picked up merchandise for a customer.  Then we returned to the Reeds' house.

It has been a very long, good day, so I think I will stop for now.  Thank you all for the prayer support.  I will not try the phone yet, so please continue to stay in touch by email and Facebook.


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    1. Thank you, Pat! It has been amazing. Still work to do to get best results.

  2. Linda, this is so wonderful. I am so very happy for you, and Ron, and your children, and your grandchildren and friends. Blessings everywhere. Ron's smile is beautiful. Yes, I think you can correctly assume that he still loves you after all these years. God is good.

    1. Thanks, Terri. Things are going well. Praise God!