Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bookkeeping, Birds, and Baking

Bookkeeping, Birds, and Baking
Tuesday,  July 16, 2013

This morning I went to the office with my husband.  He is always running late - except when I am going with him and then he is standing around waiting for me.  At the office I paid some bills, took care of the mail, unpacked a shipment, and put the things on display.  By noon I had finished all that I had to do so I had Ron call my mom to see if she could take me home. 

After she brought me home, I started some laundry and then headed to the kitchen.  I love to bake.  I truly believe that you have to practice to be good at baking and then you have to keep practicing.  Sometimes lately, some of my baking had not turned out as great as in the past.  Now I think I have discovered a reason for that.  Now, I can hear the buzzer on the oven when each tray of cookies is done!!!
All of the trays of cookies were baked to perfection, not any were "well done".  If there is a lot of other noise, it is hard for me to hear the buzzer, but in the past, (even before the Sudden Hearing Loss), I could be standing in the kitchen next to the stove and someone would come from the other end of the house to tell me the buzzer was going off.  I just could not hear it.
This is really nice!  All baked the same!  I am impressed!  And at the same time, I was watching a TV show and following the discussion pretty well.  The hearing is not perfect.  When I would be washing dishes with the TV on, the sound of the running water would drown out the TV.  I think that will be corrected with the next adjustment.  Of course, yummy cookies don't help my weight situation!
I baked the cookies, cooked some bacon to go in the baked beans tomorrow, finished the laundry, washed dishes, and went in the yard a while.  Did I mention how loud the birds are?  Oh, my!  They were very loud today.
Yesterday when I was trying to get photos of the Golden -fronted Woodpeckers, they had flown away when I got near the window.  I finally remembered a program I have on my cell phone with bird calls.  In the past, when I tried to use it, I was not impressed.  For one thing, I thought the bird calls on the phone were just too soft for the birds to hear.  One more try.  I pulled up the calls for the Golden-Fronted Woodpecker and played them.  Wow!  They were so loud!  It was no time at all before they were being answered by the woodpeckers in the yard.  They didn't come where I could see them but they kept calling in response to my phone.  Cool!  Technology is amazing!  From recorded bird calls to astounding implants that allow the deaf to hear!  What a world!
Knowing that the woodpeckers are feeding a family, I tried to keep the citrus coming on their serving table.  They kept cleaning them out.  The sparrows kept the birdbath in use and I enjoyed all of their activity.

This evening, I was able to talk to two of my sons on the phone.  One I could understand a little better than the other, but it was good to talk to both of them.  Over and over I am being reminded of Rachel's prayer, asking God to let her grandmother hear.  The faith of a child!   


  1. So happy the implant is helping you and so well too! God indeed answers prayers. We love you!

    1. Thanks, Chris! God is answering prayers! Each day is better!

  2. It's getting better and better and better!!! Praise God for answering our prayers!

    1. Tiny, it makes me think of that line from a Gaither song, "If it keeps getting better and better, O Lord, I don't know what I'm gonna do." There are still challenges, but I do believe each day is better.