Saturday, July 20, 2013

Assorted Saturday Activities

Assorted Saturday Activities
Saturday,  July 20, 2013

On Saturdays, I don't get to sleep late.  My housekeeper comes early.  But it is definitely worth getting up to let her in.  She got a lot done today, as she put clean sheets on the beds in the guest room and Stephen's room, to be ready for Stephen and his girlfriend to arrive tomorrow.  It is nice to be able to verbally communicate with my housekeeper again after months of notes and sign language (our own made up style).

While she was here, I spent about an hour working in the yard.  I had one hibiscus bush that had died on one side and so I cut out the dead section.  I managed to do that one-handed and even used the cart to haul my trimmings.  It was hot and humid while I worked out there.  Hearing the birds was a treat and it is nice to be able to hear a car coming up behind me while I push the cart down the street.

Hummingbirds have discovered that I have hung a feeder up again after not having one out for a couple of months.  There is one bird call that is very loud but so far I have not figured out which bird is making the sound. 

After cleaning up and having some lunch, I dressed to attend a bridal shower.  I first went shopping for the gift, but got to feeling bad while shopping, so I paid for the gift and had them wrap it, and then delivered it to the shower and came home.  Hated to miss the shower.  It was unique in that the bride-to-be was not able to attend and she was there by way of Skype.  What a world!  But several told me I probably would have had trouble hearing.  It would have been interesting to try.  This was my first solo shopping trip.  Ron offered to go but I said I would be ok.  Well, it was a challenge.  I got to the car with purse, and large (but not heavy) wrapped gift.  That left no hand to open the car unless I put too much weight in the left hand that can take very little weight.  So I balanced the package, bracing it against the car.  Would have made an interesting video...

As soon as I got home, I curled up in the recliner and slept the afternoon away.  When I woke up, Ron reminded me that there was a memorial service at the church at 6:00.  It was for Carmelo Garcia, a friend from church and an uncle to our daughter-in-law, Barbara.  Carmelo and his wife Lita have lived in the house next to Barb and Jeff since before Jeff and Barb moved there.  Ron and I stayed in the Cry Room with our five youngest grandchildren during the service.  Part way through the service, our oldest grand daughter left the Cry Room to go sit with her mother in the service.  I had taken things to occupy them, but part of the time they were watching the service through the window.  There is a loud speaker in there, so we could hear the service.  I was able to hear very well on that speaker.  Maybe I need to borrow a baby each Sunday and sit in there.

After the service we visited with a few people.  It was good to hear from some who are following my progress on this blog.  At this point I think I have had over 5,800 views and they come from 42 countries.  If you are checking the map on the blog, the numbers won't match since the map just started counting recently. 

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home for some fresh fruit and veggies.  Shortly after we got home, I had a call from my daughter-in-law, Vickey, and we had a long chat, but it was a struggle.  I need to try a cable that came with my equipment that I think can attach to the phone and to my sound processor.  I will see if that works any better.  Vickey thought she had broken her toe, but turned out she sprained it and pulled some muscles and ligaments.  She is in pain and wearing a boot while also using a cane.  Her family will be visiting them this week.

It seems to me that people I talk to often, their voices are beginning to sound more normal to me - not as high pitched.  When the pastor started the service, I was sitting where I could not see who was speaking.  Although I could understand all that was said, I could not tell who it was.  I see progress just about every day, but there is still a long way to go.  I am delighted that I am having progress!

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